Victoria Beckham Shares Little Harper’s ‘When You Find Out Mummy Was A Pop Star’ Moment With Spice Girls Dolls

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Victoria Beckham shot to fame as a girl from one of the world’s most successful girl bands ever – Spice Girls – and when she shared the adorable moment her 6-year-old daughter discovered a miniature version of her, playing with some Spice Girls dolls for the first time, it was a moment of wonderment for the little one.

The former Spice Girl pictured her little daughter admiring her mom’s former alter-ego Posh Spice, captured in plastic in the popular 90s merchandise and shared on Instagram, the Daily Mail reported.

In a follow-up message on the service, which allows users to share pictures and videos for a 24-hour period, she hinted that it was the first time Harper had discovered that her mother was in the band.

Along with a photo of Harper looking at the dolls, Beckham wrote, “When u find out mummy was a pop star!!”

Harper, the 43-year-old’s fourth child with husband David Beckham, was born in 2011, long after the Spice Girls disbanded.

They reunited as a five-piece in 2012 for the London 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony when Harper was one.

There have been reports of another reunion but Beckham has made it clear that she would not take part. She has reportedly launched legal action to halt the remaining Spice Girls from singing the group’s famous hits.

Victoria Beckham posted adorable picture of daughter Harper admiring mom's alter ego among Spice Girl dolls [Image by Getty Images]Featured image credit: Getty ImagesGetty Images

In the Instagram post, little Harper appears quite mesmerized with the miniature version of her mom dressed in a little black dress and with her trademark bob.

The other dolls show the other four Spice Girls – Geri Halliwell in a Union Jack dress, Mel B clad in a leopard print jumpsuit, Sporty Spice in her gym-ready ensemble, and Emma Bunton, dressed in a cute pink frock wearing her hair in pigtails.

The appreciative little girl arranged the dolls in a neat line on the floor so that she could take a good look at them.

Earlier this month, the Beckhams caused a stir by posting snaps of Harper enjoying a tea party at Buckingham Palace, hosted by Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, the Duchess of York.

Victoria’s husband David Beckham had to defend his little girl after sharing photos of her and her friends celebrating her sixth birthday alongside Princess Eugenie at Buckingham Palace.

After sharing numerous photos from the bash, the star footballer later uploaded a snap of himself and his daughter with his mother in front of the palace, writing alongside it that Harper had been invited into the royal residences.

David wrote, “Just to be clear this wasn’t the palace opening the gates for Harper’s birthday party, this was a tea party where us and other guests were invited.”

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