‘Jay-Z’s Sister’ Emerges During An NBC News Broadcast

Does Jay-Z have a sister we knew nothing about? Well, it looks like he did temporarily. During an NBC 4 New York broadcast, a woman stumbled into frame to make a claim that she was Jay-Z’s sister. Instead of being reunited with Jay-Z, she just ended up being a disturbance for reporter Checkey Beckford while she was trying to conduct a segment on the Long Island Railroad at Penn Station.

What was supposed to be an informative segment about the conditions of the LIRR during Long Islanders commute was cut short by the woman who we will just call “Jay-Z’s long lost sister.” Jay-Z’s long lost sister, who appeared to be delirious and who caught Beckford off guard as she shouted, “I’m Jay-Z’s sister, he was looking for me on the subway. I’m Jay-Z’s sister.” The unidentified woman, who appeared to be eager during her shout out to the hip hop artist, was interrupted by Beckford, with the reporter saying, “Excuse us for a second, we’re having some interference.”

During the segment, “Jay-Z’s long lost sister” seemed to be on a mission to contact Jay-Z through the medium of the NBC 4 broadcast news. It looks like she at least had the right idea as some media outlets have picked up the bizarre story. So far, there hasn’t been any word from Jay-Z’s camp on whether or not the rapper actually found his long lost “sister” on the train, but we hope they’re reunited eventually.

In reality, Jay-Z actually does have two sisters, Annie and Michelle, and a brother named Eric.

Watch the interrupted news segment below: