Former ‘Lost’ And ‘Person Of Interest’ Star Michael Emerson To Join ‘Arrow’ Season 6 Cast

Michael Emerson – best known for his reoccurring roles in Lost and Person of Interest – will be joining the cast of Arrow for Season 6.

As Comic Book reminds us, there was a fairly explosive fallout during the Season 5 finale leaving fans of the CW series desperate for more. While the network and showrunners have done a pretty good job of keeping a lid on what is to be expected for Season 6, a huge revelation about the cast for Season 6 has given fans a tiny glimpse of what’s to come.

New cast member and returning cast member

During the Arrow panel at the San Diego Comic-Con panel, it was revealed that none other than Michael Emerson would be joining the Season 6 cast.

News of a returning cast member also broke during the panel discussion on Saturday. David Nykl – who played the role of Anatoly Knyazev – will be returning as part of the Season 6 cast. As those who have watched Season 5 of Arrow know, Anatoly Knyazev was Oliver’s Bratva confidant during his time before he became the Green Arrow. Given how poorly things were left between Oliver and Anatoly at the end of Season 5, there are several different ways things could play out during Season 6.

Other than knowing Michael Emerson will be joining the Season 6 Arrow cast, nothing else was released regarding what type of character the former Lost and Person of Interest star would be playing.

While they have decided to keep the role Michael will be taking on a secret for now, it was revealed that his role would be reoccurring for Season 6. So, fans of Emerson can rest easy knowing they will get to enjoy him for more than one episode.

Could Michael Emerson take on the role of someone who is going to be an asset to Oliver Queen, or is the former Lost star going to be a bad guy Oliver is forced to take on? Is there a chance of Emerson’s character extending past Season 6? Unfortunately, only time will answer these questions.

Fortunately, those who are dying to know more about this new addition to the cast will not have to wait too much longer. Keep in mind, Arrow will be returning to the CW for Season 6 on a different time and night than it has premiered on in the past. Season 6 is set to premiere on Thursday, October 12.

Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy of the CW series the Arrow talking at panel
Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy [Image by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP Images]

Are you a fan of Michael Emerson? Do you think he will be a good addition to the Arrow cast? Are you looking forward to Season 6 of Arrow? Sound off in the comments section down below.

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