'Dragon Ball Super' Ep 100 Review, 101 Preview: No SSJB Caulifla, Kale Owns SSJB Goku, NEP Teases U11 Vs. U7

Warning: Spoilers below.

The official summaries for Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 got many fans of the long-running anime series extremely worried that Caulifla of Universe 6 would be learning how to reach Super Saiyan Blue due to Goku's tutelage. As proven by the recently aired episode, this was not to be the case, as the female Saiyan's on-the-spot transformation lesson was interrupted by Kale, better known as the Legendary Super Saiyan, and fondly dubbed by the DBS fanbase as Lady Broly.

Over the past couple of weeks, many Dragon Ball Super fans were up in arms over the premise of Caulifla possibly turning Super Saiyan Blue. As proven by DBS Episode 100, however, the Universe 6 Saiyan could simply not do it yet due to her inexperience. Overall, Goku advised Caulifla to master SSJ2 first, and then training to reach Super Saiyan 3.

This particular scene has largely placated fans in online forums such as Reddit, with many remarking that Goku's statement was likely an attempt by Toei Animation to bring back some sense into the power scaling of the characters in the anime. Goku's advice to the upstart U6 Saiyan makes a lot of sense, too, seeing as she managed to unlock her first SSJ form just a few hours before the Tournament of Power began.

The 100th episode of Dragon Ball Super also proved to be an ode to longtime fans of the long-running anime series. Over the course of the episode, Goku battled Kale, and practically everything, from the LSSJ's energy ball spamming to the way she manhandled Son Goku all over the arena, seemed to be inspired by scenes from the beloved DBZ movie, Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, which aired in Japan back in 1993.

In a lot of ways, Goku and Kale's battle seemed to be done as fan service to longtime fans of the franchise, considering that the first Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly, was a non-canonical character. Being an LSSJ, Kale was expected to be overpowered, and during the episode, this was exactly what she proved to be.

One particular scene that ultimately caught some controversy among fans involved Goku transforming to Super Saiyan Blue and firing a Kamehameha blast straight at the berserk female Saiyan, as stated by noted DBS fan-translator Herms98. Just like Broly in the movie, Kale simply walked through the attack before resuming her manhandling of Goku.

While the scene was undoubtedly cool, the fact that an LSSJ transformation is technically just as strong as SSJ2 made the scene rather surprising. Nevertheless, it was difficult to deny the fact that the scene worked in the episode, as it further established just how overpowered Legendary Super Saiyans were.

Unfortunately for Kale, her rampage was ultimately cut short by Jiren of Universe 11, who promptly knocked her out with a single energy blast. Despite her rather short segment in the Tournament of Power, however, Kale's impact on the multiverse battle royale was undeniable.

If anything, Kale's defeat at the hands of Jiren perfectly set up the events of Dragon Ball Super Episode 101, which is set to air next Sunday. During the anime's brief NEP, it was revealed that some Universe 7 fighters would be taking on Universe 11's Pride Troopers in an all-out brawl. Surprisingly, the U7 team would also be getting an assist from no other than U6's Kale and Caulifla, who would be helping Goku out.

The short NEP for Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 teased a number of interesting scenes. Android 18 and her brother, Android 17, for one, could be seen taking on Kahseral of the Pride Troopers in an intense match. Apart from this, Caulifla could also be seen in her base form seemingly protecting Kale, possibly putting herself at risk of being eliminated.

Overall, Dragon Ball Super Episode 101 seems set to raise the stakes in the Tournament of Power even more. If the NEP's scenes are any indication, next week's episode would likely feature some truly stunning moments, as well as heartbreaking, heroic eliminations.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime series is available in the west through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

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