Henrik Stenson Wears Borrowed Clothes Playing British Open -- Thieves Take Everything

Playing in the 146th Open in borrowed clothes wasn't what Henrik Stenson had in mind when he first set out to play in this tournament, but it was beyond his control. Stenson's rental home, which he secured so he and his wife would be comfortable while he played in the 146th Open in Southport, England, was burglarized.

Stenson, who is from Sweden, was at the course with his clubs while the home was broken into and cleaned out of everything with value, but at least they didn't leave him without his tools of the trade. Besides the clothes on his back, the thieves left him without a stitch of clothing, according to the Telegraph.

The 41-year-old was forced to borrow a shirt from his caddie and the rest of his outfit came from bits and pieces with the help of his sponsors. The home was broken into while he was playing the first round of golf, so the clothes for the rest of the weekend were gone.

Stenson, who felt very violated, was rattled and really peeved that someone would do this. The golfer's coach shared what Stenson went through when first coming home to the burglarized house. "He was seething," said Pete Cowen, this Englishmen is Stenson's coach.

His wife's jewelry was gone and many of the items were irreplaceable for the sentimental value they held for his wife. Cowen said, "he felt like it was a shocking invasion into his private life." The thieves carted away anything that they could get their hands on, making entry into the house by smashing a couple of the patio doors.

Cowen said that all Stenson had left when he got back to the house were the clothes on his back. They managed to scramble and get clothes for Stenson, even taking in a pair of long trousers up about eight inches to fit him correctly.

The Merseyside Police believe that the culprits followed him home from practice and then easily found out the schedule of when Stenson was playing. This gave them several hours of access to the home without anyone home. They took cash, credit cards, electronic devices, watches, and his clothes, which are specially made for the event by the Hugo Boss Company.

According to Inspector Simon Vaughn, the clothes are easily identified by the "distinctive NETJETS sponsorship logo." They have asked the public if they see this clothing on someone or if anyone is attempting to sell these items, to please call the police, according to Golf.com.

Stenson, who is the defending champion as the winner of the 2016 British Open, had already returned the Claret Jug from his win last year, which was a relief for the R&A, according to the Telegraph. That is the trophy that stays in the winner's possession for the year until the next Open is played. If a player should win the Open three times, then the Claret Jug is theirs to keep, according to the History of the Claret Jug from The Open.org.

Stenson said in a statement that he wasn't going to let this spoil the event, but he was rattled about all the personal items he lost, including all his clothes for the Open. He was very grateful his family was not at the rental home when these burglars showed up.

[Featured Image by Ben Curtis/AP Images]