‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: New Live Feeds Information, Veto Results Extremely Important For ‘BB19’ Cast

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds have continued to come out on Saturday morning (July 22). A lot of drama is playing out for the fans already, with Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf at the center of it again. It’s important to start with the fact that there is a new Head of Household in the BB19 house and that they have already named the nominees for eviction.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, shortly after the Battle Back episode aired on the West Coast Friday night (July 21), key information about the game started coming out on the CBS live feeds. Those Big Brother 19 spoilers included Jessica Graf winning the HOH and getting to celebrate with showmances partner Cody Nickson. The couple has already resumed its time in bed within the HOH room, which is likely where they will spend most of the week (again).

Once Jessica had the power, it was time to reveal the latest BB19 nominees for eviction. Jessica put Ramses Soto and Josh Martinez on the block, with a lot of urging from Paul Abrahamian. There had been some Big Brother 19 rumors about Jessica and Cody targeting Paul for eviction, but it is very unclear if they actually have the votes to pull it off this week. That brings the house to Saturday morning, where a lot of intriguing drama started taking place.

A report by Joker’s Updates revealed part of a conversation that Cody Nickson and Jason Dent were having in the kitchen. Cody expressed to Jason that he feels Josh Martinez is a puppet for the other side of the BB19 house and that he needs to go home this week. This seems to confirm that Jessica and Cody are gunning for Josh, probably a result of the constant bickering the trio participated in roughly 10 days ago. It would make sense, as Jessica already knows she cannot work with Josh, so this would eliminate an “enemy” in the game.

Cody, in continuing his conversation with Jason, also stated that he was very happy it was Dominique Cooper who got sent home. He then began complaining about floaters in the game, stating that Mark Jansen, Raven Walton, and Matt Clines are just working with whoever is in charge during a given week. This is where a lot of viewers and subscribers could get a little chuckle, as Cody then states that America is rooting for him, Alex Ow, and Jason because the rest of the BB19 cast are “just duds.” Yes, Cody thinks America likes him.

When Cody heads back to the HOH room to get back in bed with Jessica, he tells her that Jason admitted to voting against him at the Eviction Ceremony. This enrages Jessica, as Jason had told her a completely different story. Jason’s excuse to Cody was that he was just doing what Paul Abrahamian told him to do because the rest of the house was already following him. This is combined with some information from earlier when Kevin Schlehuber told Cody he voted to save him, but that he should keep it a secret for now.

A small bit of information was also revealed about the HOH Competition, as Paul and Kevin Schlehuber discussed how long it took. They hinted that the houseguests had to stay up Thursday night (July 20) and that the HOH Competition wasn’t completed until around 7:00 a.m. on Friday. This should confirm for CBS viewers that everything they saw on the Friday episode was already pre-taped.

Several houseguests were also discussing the Week 4 Veto Competition taking place on Saturday (July 22). The Veto results are going to be extremely important this week because it could dictate how the BB19 house settles down following the return of Cody Nickson. To guarantee his own safety, Paul Abrahamian might need to win the Power of Veto, as that would ensure Josh Martinez is sent home next. Fans should expect more Big Brother 19 spoilers to come out over the weekend as they play out the latest Veto Competition.

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