The Trump Family: New Report Claims POTUS Taught His Kids To 'Never Admit Your Mistakes' & 'To Fight Dirty'

Chrissie Williams

Donald Trump is extremely tough on his children--- Donald, Jr, 39, Ivanka, 35, Eric 33, Tiffany, 23, and Barron, 11. He expects them to prove themselves "worthy of his attention" at a young age. People magazine reported the POTUS taught his kids his creed of winning at all cost and "never admitting mistakes."

In 2014, Ivanka revealed that her parents taught her to work hard and the value of a dollar. They had to prove themselves to their father. In other words, they had to prove they were "worthy" of their name to reap the benefits of his wealth.

In 2003, Donald, Jr. revealed that his dad gave him $300 a month in college. Anything more than that, he had to work for. Trump's son explained that his father views everything as a transaction, every dinner or conversation he has is one step closer to whatever goal he has at the time.

Trump taught his kids to stick together when under attack. When something comes out against one of them in the press, they build a wall and defend their family member, no matter if they are at fault.

A White House insider stated that he had never seen such loyalty to each as with the Trump family. The kids would never speak badly about their father. POTUS scares his sons because they know he could "ruin them," the source added.

Like Donald's youngest child, Barron, Trump's three older children grew up in the penthouse in Trump Tower. According to the People report, Ivanka has always been his favorite because he has always believed, she looked good on his arm. His son had to work hard to compete for the POTUS attention.

A source claims that the Trump family are miserable in the White House and "can't wait for his term to be over." Trump can't make any business deals and being president isn't what he expected.

"Eric and Don, Jr, never wanted the presidency. Donald can't do any deals because he will be overly scrutinized, but he refuses to quit. He cannot wait for his term to be over!"

Do you think America will ever embrace the Trumps as the first family? Will Donald run for president in 2020?

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