Huge Update Regarding Brie Bella's WWE Comeback Revealed

Brie Bella officially retired as an active performer from WWE after WrestleMania 32 in Dallas. Since her retirement from the ring, she's embraced her life outside of wrestling and recently gave birth to her first child with Daniel Bryan earlier this year. Since leaving the ring, she's continued her work on Total Divas and with WWE, but there have been some rumors about Brie Bella training for a comeback to the ring.

Shortly after the birth of her daughter, Brie Bella naturally began getting back in shape. However, it was made clear that she was specifically training to get back inside a WWE ring someday. Until recently, that date wasn't clear. But, the door has remained open for "Brie Mode" to return to WWE anytime, especially with Bryan's role as the GM of SmackDown Live and Nikki Bella still wrestling under "the blue brand."

However, Brie Bella revealed bigger details about her plans for a WWE comeback during her appearance at Comic Con this weekend in San Diego. She revealed that she began training for a return to the ring as soon as her doctors cleared her to do so. As of this writing, Brie is expecting to make her return to WWE sometime in 2018. It's unclear if she would be returning full-time or just for an event like WrestleMania.

Brie Bella Has Embraced Motherhood With Open Arms
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The WWE Universe would most likely be thrilled to have The Bella Twins reunite on WWE programming on SmackDown Live. It's unclear if Brie Bella would return on a part-time basis, but it seems that both of The Bellas are committing to that schedule with WWE. Nikki Bella hasn't been seen since WrestleMania 33 due to neck issues, and her WWE return is coming soon. Brie's schedule would likely be very similar.

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella Are Two of the Greatest Divas Ever
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Brie and Nikki Bella are likely to have some kind of reunion and tag team match on the grandest stage of them all or the biggest party of the summer next year. However, the extent of Brie Bella's comeback will be determined by how much time she wants to spend on the road and if her body can handle wrestling. It will be interesting to watch her training develop over the rest of 2017 and to see if "Brie Mode" returns.

One of the most interesting dynamics will be Daniel Bryan's status with the company as well because it's being reported that he's likely to leave WWE in 2018 and try to wrestle again for other promotions. That could have a big impact on Brie Bella's future with WWE, so the fans have a few stories to watch develop.

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