‘The Walking Dead’: Robert Kirkman Calls Out Click Bait Articles, Confirms Comics Are Not Ending

The Walking Dead comics are not ending and creator Robert Kirkman confirmed this on Twitter. As the Inquisitr reported yesterday, Kirkman said he had an ending in mind, but it would not be for a very long time. Unfortunately, some websites only reported the “juicier” part of this, leading fans to completely freak out on social media.

According to ComicBook, Kirkman said during a panel at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con that he had an ending in mind for the TWD comic books. He also explained that it would not be for a very long time. However, leave it up to some websites to use click bait to make fans believe the comics were ending right now. As statistics show, the majority of Internet readers only read headlines and rarely the entire article, so they didn’t get the whole story.

During The Walking Dead panel at SDCC 2017, Robert Kirkman made it clear that there have been a few times that he thought of an ending for the comics. Then, he would come up storylines he wanted to bring to life on the page. About two or three years ago, he finally envisioned how he wanted it to all end. However, he made it crystal clear that it would not happen for a very long time.

“I think about two or three years ago, I had a pretty good idea for a definitive ending. I have known that since then and been working towards that, so I know exactly where I’m going and what’s gonna happen when I get there.”

In fact, it isn’t even close to happening because Kirkman hasn’t even put it on paper yet. As noted in the previous article on this topic, many writers dream up endings before their writing projects are complete. Some writers know an ending before they even get started, so this isn’t uncommon.


“I haven’t written it down or anything so, you know, I don’t know why I would do that. It seems to [be] practical and responsible but I remember it. So, I’m working towards that but it’s a very long way off.”

However, when fans saw the headlines that the comic books were ending (which they are not), everyone started freaking out on social media. There were lengthy Facebook discussions on the speculation of if the comics end, then the show would be ending too. However, that is also not happening. Even if the comics did end today, there is still tons of material that haven’t been aired on the TV show yet. Plus, Charles Collier, president of AMC said recently that despite low ratings, the TWD television series would continue to go on.

What do you think of what Robert Kirkman had to say about the misinformation regarding The Walking Dead comics?

[Featured Image by Michael Moriatis/AMC]