Female Hunter And Blogger Melania Capitan Commits Suicide After Alleged Threats From Animal Rights Activists

Female hunter and blogger Melania Capitan, from Catalonia, Spain, has committed suicide after being allegedly threatened online by animal rights activists. In the hunting world, Capitan was considered something of a star, with tens of thousands of views on her Facebook blog where she would regularly post pictures of her latest hunting exploits, along with explanations about her most trusted hunting methods.

The 27-year-old Melania Capitan had spent the past three years living in Huesca and while she regularly wrote about her day-to-day life, it appeared that the one thing she enjoyed more than anything else was her role in life as a female hunter. This did not sit well with animal rights activists who grew angry over the many photographs of trophy animals that she had killed and the growing controversy over the deaths of these animals meant that she was allegedly the target of threats from different individuals.

It was the hunting magazine Jara y Sedal that reportedly broke the news of Melania Capitan’s death and the female hunter is alleged to have left behind a suicide note which she wrote to her family and friends, according to the Independent. A friend of Melania’s noted that the hunter took her life for very personal reasons.

“Melania chose this fatal path for reasons of a personal nature.”

After Melania Capitan’s death, some left angry comments about the female hunter on her personal Facebook page and blog, venting their fury at what she had done to so many animals, as the Daily Mail reported.

“She was so bitter that she had to pay her hate killing innocent animals, thank God she killed herself, the only good thing she did lately.”

Another comment suggested that Capitan’s suicide had helped to redeem humanity.

“You have done a favour to humanity! Bye Bye.”

Even some hunters appeared to side with animal rights activists when it came to Melania Capitan’s hunting activities as the female hunter appeared to hunt for sport and would regularly caption photographs of her kills with comments like “A very special day!!! A joy that can’t be explained with words.”

The female hunter enjoyed hunting everything from birds and small animals to big game, and wrote that she lived for hunting.

“I fight for the hunt, thanks to her I live those moments that make my life great.”

4 DÍAS !! Con el viento siempre de cara ..... #tiempodeduendes

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The contents of Melania Capitan’s suicide note are unknown, but comments on social media continue to pour in over the death of the female hunter from Spain.

[Featured Image by Melania Capitan/Instagram]