Khloe Kardashian Pelted With OJ Homecoming Paternity Quips – Slams Back

Khloe Kardashian is saturated with comments on her recent Instagram posts with quips about her alleged “father,” OJ Simpson, and his release from prison, which is slated to happen this fall. There’s one very big problem with this for Khloe, OJ Simpson is not her father. He is a family friend from long ago, and she has slammed back by calling those accusers “a**holes.” She also said that she doesn’t care because as life goes on it’s her intention to “focus on the good.”

According to the Daily Mail, these comments on Khloe’s Instagram posts started shortly after it was revealed OJ Simpson was granted parole. With OJ coming home in October, the sarcastic remarks keep piling up for Khloe, who has developed an attitude for addressing these quips.

This is far from the first time Khloe’s fought off the accusations that OJ Simpson is her father, instead of the late famous lawyer, Robert Kardashian Sr., who is her real dad. While still possessing the gorgeous looks of her sisters, Khloe looks a bit different than her Kardashian siblings, which may be why this rumor persists, suggests In Touch Weekly.

Besides Khloe being much taller and looking different than her two sisters, this rumor also continues due to a reveal by her stepmother a few years back.

“In 2013, Rob Sr.’s wife came forward and claimed that before his death in 2003, he confided in her that Khloe was not his biological daughter,” reports In Touch.

As far as Khloe is concerned, the late Robert Kardashian is her dad, and she celebrates all father-daughter related holidays by posting messages to her dad online. Birthdays, Father’s Day, and other holidays, Khloe keeps her father, the late Robert Kardashian Sr. in mind, like the post below from Khloe’s Instagram page.

Kocktails With Khloé was a short-lived show for the Kardashian sister, but it was during that show last year that Khloe addressed her former stepmother’s claims that she was not her father’s biological child.

“I think the thing that most became overwhelming was when, like, the stuff happened with one of my dad’s wives. She wanted to come out, like, 10 years later after my dad passed away and said that I’m not his daughter and that he confided in her and blah-say-blah. I was like, ‘Listen, you can talk about me and my sisters all you f–king want. Do not talk about my dad. He’s not here!'”

OJ Simpson, who has served almost nine years in prison for an armed robbery that took place in Las Vegas, was granted parole on Thursday during a televised parole hearing that wasn’t without controversy from the masses.

Claiming that he’s a man who led a “conflict-free life” and “a good guy,” OJ persuaded the parole panel of four to release him, according to the New York Times. From his parole hearing, he was brought back to prison where he will spend the rest of his time in jail in a cell by himself. They are now keeping OJ out of the prison’s general population.

According to Fox & Friends Weekend on Saturday morning, OJ is being kept out of the general population until his October release because he could be in danger. There are inmates in that prison who will never leave and because they have nothing to lose, there’s a danger OJ could meet with someone looking to carry out their own form of justice.

OJ was serving time for a robbery, but in the minds of many, he should have been in jail for the killings of his wife and her friend decades ago, so if an inmate decided to take justice into their own hands, OJ could be in danger. He will be protected until his release for this reason, according to Fox & Friends Weekend.

Khloe, in the meantime, has to endure comments that are rather mean and sarcastic in some cases, like the recent post on her Instagram account that congratulates her.

The post said, “Are you excited to see your dad? I know I would be after 9 years! Congrats!” While this may seem like a joke, it is not to Khloe.

Another commenter asks, “When is your mother going to tell us that OJ is yo daddy Khloe Simpson.”

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