Tori Roloff Takes Jackson To The Oregon Museum Of Science And Industry, But Baby J Gives Up Midway

After a brief absence on social media, Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff is back at her game, sharing every precious moment she experiences with baby Jackson to her followers on Instagram. In the reality TV star’s latest post in her Instagram story, Tori shared a few snapshots of a day out with Jackson and brother-in-law Jacob Roloff as they explored the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Needless to say, Baby J’s latest candid photos and videos are incredibly cute.

Interestingly, Tori’s latest Instagram story featured an adorable moment between Baby J and his uncle, Jacob Roloff. The youngest Roloff son has previously revealed on his official Instagram page that he is completely enamored by his youngest nephew, and if Tori’s recently shared snapshot of Jackson and Jacob is any indication, it definitely seems like both Baby J and his uncle truly enjoy each other’s company.

Apart from the cute picture of Jacob and Jackson Roloff, Little People, Big World fans also took notice of Baby Jackson’s solo images and videos that were featured in Tori’s Instagram story. In one of the videos that Tori shared, Jackson could be seen actively sucking on his pacifier, looking very content as his mommy filmed him.

I just love my boys. ???? #zandtpartyofthree #babyj

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It seems that Jackson did not appreciate being in the OMSI for too long, however. In another snapshot that was shared in the reality TV star’s Instagram story, Baby J could be seen crying as he posed for a cute photo. This was followed by an image showing the adorable baby completely knocked out. Amusingly, baby Jackson still had the energy to keep his pacifier in as he slept soundly.

Eventually, however, Jackson woke up and proceeded to nurse on his baby blanket. As noted by Tori in her Instagram story, at this point in his development, Baby J would nurse on anything if given a chance. The cute moment was filmed on video in all its glory, showing the still sleepy baby seemingly trying his best to get some milk from his blanket.

Baby Jackson Roloff has quickly become one of the most popular members of the iconic reality TV family since his birth last May. While Baby J was diagnosed with dwarfism like his father, Zach Roloff, he seems to be developing as a normal, fully healthy baby. If any, Jackson’s earnest smile and generally happy disposition have continuously melted hearts since he was first revealed to the public.

Baby Jackson Roloff and his parents Tori and Zach are featured in the hit reality TV series Little People, Big World, which is expected to air another season later this year on TLC.

[Featured Image by TLC]