'Little People, Big World' News: Molly Roloff's Wedding Location, Details Revealed

Mandy Robinson

It is getting really close to Molly Roloff's wedding, and now the details are slowly being revealed. Radar Online shared what details are starting to come out. Amy actually shared some of the details on Facebook, and it turns out that Molly Roloff will be getting married at the Roloff farm. There were rumors that she would not get married at home, but that isn't the case. This is where Molly grew up and there are a lot of gorgeous areas where they could have the wedding.

Joel Silvius proposed to Molly at Christmas while they were visiting her parents. They live in Spokane, Washington, together. There were rumors that they would end up getting married there instead. They met while attending Whitworth University, and this couple seems perfect for each other. Amy shared that she is happy her daughter found "a really great guy."

Molly Roloff's wedding will take place on August 5 at the Roloff farm. Joel and Molly are registered at Bed Bath & Beyond and Crate & Barrel. Molly had a big wedding shower that included her mom and a lot of her family. It looked like a great day for the bride-to-be. They went to a winery and just enjoyed a great day together. There were a lot of pictures from the big day shared, so hopefully, they will do the same thing when the wedding happens.

Molly Roloff hasn't been on the show much since she moved away. The fans miss seeing her and would love to have her back on the show again. It is very likely that TLC will end up filming the big day and airing it on a future episode of Little People, Big World. They may have filmed some of the big bachelorette party as well, but if so, this hasn't been confirmed just yet.