‘Descendants 2’ Spoilers: Final Battle Between Mal And Uma Could Offer Major Hint About Third Movie

The ending of Descendants 2 is causing quite a stir online, with the crazy battle between Mal and Uma offering a potentially major spoiler for what would come in the third Descendants movie.

WARNING: This review has some big Descendants 2 spoilers ahead, so proceed with caution.

The long-awaited premiere of the Disney Channel movie did not disappoint fans, with most reviews saying it surpassed the original movie. The high point came at the very end, with Mal transforming into a dragon for an epic battle with a gigantic Uma.

The battle ended with Uma capitulating to Mal and retreating into the Isle of the Lost, which to many fans seemed like a set-up for a third movie and a potential new path for Mal.

Director Kenny Ortega told TVLine that Mal’s transformation could show that she still has some of the dark side in her, but is learning to harness it for good.

“I think it’s just part of who she is,” Ortega said. “It’s a protective skill in Mal. She’s protecting Ben. There’s something in her DNA that enables her to become a large, protective version of herself, as opposed to just turning into a dragon to battle or to hurt someone. That was important to me. I didn’t want these two women going at each other with one dying and one surviving. This was about something else. This was about one person feeling that she missed out on an opportunity she deserved, and one who was trying to protect someone she loves and cares about.”

The ending could also offer a major spoiler for the next movie in the series, which is looking more and more like a sure thing. As Entertainment Weekly noted, Descendants 2 copied the cliffhanger used in the original movie to tease the sequel.

“Descendants 2 concluded its six-network world premiere on July 21 with a cliffhanger that mirrored the final moments of its 2015 predecessor: Like Dove Cameron’s Mal, the film’s protagonist Uma (China Anne McClain) is an averted crisis in and of herself, but she nevertheless turns to the camera with an evil glint in her eye and teases the future of the Descendants series.”

There are good signs from the director as well. Ortega told TVLine that he is not ruling out a third movie, but will wait to see what kind of reaction Descendants 2 receives first.

“Every once in a while, I think about new characters,” he said. “Or I think about the characters we already have and what their next journeys might be. But none of us are really thinking about a third movie right now. We don’t want to jump the gun. We’re waiting to see how the fans respond.”

They may not have to wait for long. Shortly after the premiere of Descendants 2, the movie was blowing up on social media, becoming one of the top trending terms on Twitter and generating plenty of glowing reviews.

There has actually been talk of a third Descendants movie even before Friday’s premiere of the sequel. In April, Forbes writer Scott Mendelson wrote that the next Descendants movie should warrant a full theatrical release.

Mendelson compared the Descendants series to another Disney franchise, the High School Musical movies. After the first two debuted on the Disney Channel to high ratings, the network decided to release the third movie in theaters to great success — to the tune of a $90 million box office gross.

So fans who want to find out if the Descendants 2 spoilers about a newly-transformed Mal come true could have to buy a movie ticket to see the next installment on the big screen.

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