‘Big Brother 19’ Executive Producer, Allison Grodner, Shares Her Thoughts On Twists And A ‘Surprising’ Player

With the live feeds down for so long, Big Brother‘s own Allison Grodner took the time to speak out about what is happening this season on Big Brother 19. The twists and drama of the house have kept her busy so far, and there is no end in sight. As always, fans and houseguests should “expect the unexpected.”

Allison Grodner shared with Big Brother Network that though the Den of Temptation is over, this is still a summer of temptations. The Big Brother houseguests will continue to receive temptations but in a different way. She assured everyone that the new twist is coming very soon.

Allison talked about the temptation of the Halting Hex that Jessica has received. If it had been used last night and no one was evicted, the Battle Back competitions would have continued on with only three evicted Big Brother houseguests. No matter what, someone was going to have the opportunity to re-enter the house and continue to compete. If the Halting Hex had been used during the eviction that sent Dominique out, it would have had no change on the Battle Back. Cody and Cameron would have faced off, with Cody winning the competition.

When talking about her thoughts on which houseguests was the most surprising so far, Allison Grodner said it would have to be Dominique. She managed to stay under the radar and be low-key in the game until just this past week. When her game blew up, there was no saving it. Too much had happened, way too fast for her to overcome in only a few days before the eviction.



With Cody back in the Big Brother house, having won the Battle Back, and Jessica in place as the new Head of Household (if my source is correct), there could be trouble coming Paul’s way this week. This is his first week after the expiration of the Pendant of Protection. If he is nominated for eviction, he would have the chance to compete in the Power of Veto. Of course, if Jessica and Cody make the decision to backdoor Paul, he will need his allies to stand by him on eviction night.

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