‘Metro: Last Light’ Limited Edition Includes Ranger Mode

Those of you who put in a pre-order for Metro: Last Light, the follow-up to Metro 2033 from developer 4A Games, will be able to score a limited edition copy of the game that comes with some exclusive goodies, publisher THQ today announced.

Among the Metro: Last Light Limited Edition items is the Ranger mode, which sees a return from the previous game. As was the case in Metro 2033, Ranger mode limits the amount of ammo you’ll be able to find, and increases overall damage–both from and to you.

“‘Ranger Mode’ provides the definitive Metro experience,” said Huw Beynon, creative strategist at THQ. “It’s deservedly regarded as one of the most immersive, atmospheric challenges in gaming and we think fans will be very happy to see its return in the Metro: Last Light Limited Edition.”

To better equip you for the brutal challenge of Ranger mode, Metro: Last Light Limited Edition also includes a “loadout” that grants you military grade ammunition, which can be used as currency. You’ll also receive a modified Russian rifle, the AKS-74U.

All of the initial run of Metro: Last Light will be considered “limited edition,” THQ reveals, but the publisher advises that you put in a pre-order to be certain you’ll get it.

If you put in your pre-order digitally on the PlayStation Network starting December 18, you’ll receive a free digital copy of Homefront once Metro: Last Light launches.

Metro: Last Light is expected to release on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 at some point in March of next year.