‘BB19’ July 21 Episode Recap: Battle Of The Block And Week 4 HOH Time

The BB19 recap from July 21 comes from the special Friday night episode of the show. The July 21 episode focused primarily on the Battle Back Competition, giving the four evicted houseguests a shot to get back in the game. It all played out on a pre-taped episode from CBS.

Dominique Cooper, Cody Nickson, Jillian Parker, and Cameron Heard started battling it out as soon as the episode began. Megan Lowder wasn’t allowed to participate, as she self-evicted, bringing her own summer to a close early on. Host Julie Chen let them know that the four houseguests were playing for a chance to return, but that the winner would have to face off against someone the BB19 house selects to beat them head-to-head.

In the first stage of the Big Brother 19 Battle Back Competition, the four former houseguests had to work a ball through a maze using pullies to control the maze itself. The first two to finish it would advance to the second round. For the two losers, their summer would come to an end. If the ball dropped into one of the wrong holes, they would have to start over. Jillian and Cameron each struggled early on. In the end, though, it was Cody Nickson and Cameron Heard who finished it first, advancing to the second round of the challenge.

The second phase of the Battle Back Competition for the BB19 cast was between Cameron Heard and Cody Nickson. This competition involved using a launcher that shot balls at a wall across the yard. The first person to knock down all 10 panels on their side would advance to face the house challenger. Cameron took an early lead once he figured out how the slingshot worked best. He spoke in the Diary Room about his surprise at doing well early on. Cody came back and won it to advance to the final battle.

Julie Chen allowed Cody to select the game he would play against the challenger and he went with Maze Race. It was then time to let the houseguests know they got to pick a challenger. But before she got to that point, she left some time for drama to be created, by dropping hints before actually telling them who had won. It got the remaining BB19 cast buzzing with stress. They were finally told that Cody had won and then they had to debate on which houseguest would go compete against him for a chance at returning to Big Brother 19.

The house voted almost unanimously for Paul Abrahamian to represent them in a challenge against Cody Nickson. They then went to the back yard to get started on the competition. Cody easily won the challenge, putting him back in the game and with it getting a huge hug from showmance partner Jessica Graf. The show ended without revealing who won the Head of Household Competition, though, as host Julie Chen started it up as the credits were rolling.

That brings an end to the July 21 Big Brother 19 recap, but there are bound to be many more BB19 spoilers coming out in the next few hours, including whether Cody Nickson is now the new HOH.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]