Eminem Retiring After Release Of New Album? Producer Hints It’s ‘Almost Time’ For Rapper’s New Record

The year 2017 is believed to mark an incredible year for Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, as it has been four years since the Rap God” rapper released an album. While many are highly anticipating the release of his new record, there are rumors that the 44-year-old rapper is hinting on a possible retirement from the music industry.

Eminem is rumored to be retiring from the music industry following the release of his highly anticipated new album. The “Lose Yourself” rapper confirmed in a post last 2016 that he is working on a new album, but he offered no word on whether he will be releasing the said record in 2017.

While many of the rapper’s loyal followers are excited over the news of Eminem’s new album, many fans are worried that the “Love the Way You Lie” artist is retiring. Per XXL Magazine, Eminem recently released a 10-minute documentary, Partners in Rhyme: The True Story of Infinite.

The said documentary tells the story of Eminem’s early years in Detroit, and this kind of reminiscing is what sparked rumors that Eminem will soon be retiring from the music industry. If this is true, then this would mean that Eminem’s upcoming ninth album will be his last.

Eminem performs at Grant Park
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However, unless Eminem himself announces and officially confirms his retirement, then fans should take these rumors with a grain of salt. The publication further notes that producer Mr. Porter, who has been a longtime friend of Eminem, recently teased fans on Instagram that it is “almost time” for the “Stan” rapper to release his new album, but deleted the post afterwards.

There have been reports that Eminem’s new album will be released this August, as the popular rapper has a number of public appearances during this month. Another legendary rapper, 2 Chainz, also recently revealed that he worked on a new song with Eminem, which sparked rumors that he will be one of the guest artists in Eminem’s new album.

Sooo this jus happened ......#marshalllikestrapmusic ????????????

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An alleged album tracklist of Eminem’s new album was also released online following the rapper’s announcement about his upcoming record. However, the said list appears to be a fake one, as the tracklist also claimed that Eminem’s new album will be released in January, but the rapper did not release any album that month.

Do you think Eminem will be retiring following the release of his ninth album?

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