High Tech Pet Gifts Trending This Year

Many pet owners buy presents for their pets during Christmas time. But, this year Fido may be getting something better than a new squeaker toy as pet presents are going high tech.

There are many different presents for pet owners to choose from. Want your dog to have a twitter account? Mattelmakes Puppy Tweets. Just attach the puppy tweets tag to the dog’s collar. As you dog moves, plays, eats, and barks through the day the motion activity sensor inside the tag is transmitted to a USB receiver on your computer.

Dog owners can also help their dog get in shape with DogPacer’s Mini Treadmill. Or if you live in a warm climate, Climate Right, sells an air conditioner for dog houses.

If you are looking for a cat present try FroliCat toys. It has a few high tech toys to make kitty happy. The FroliCat Dart uses an automated laser that creates a random path around the room. It can be set for a certain amount of time allowing the owner to sit back and relax while the laser works for them. They also make the FroiCat Twitch. It automatically twitches and jumps. It can be set for single sessions or multiple sessions throughout the day. For iPad or tablet owners Friskies.com has apps for your cat for ipads and andorid users.

In an interview with Yahoo News, Bob Vetere, president of the American Pet Products Association, says technology is affecting every area of pet care including toys, food, and health care. Vetere said:

“There are many advances on the pet rehabilitation side of health care that weren’t even heard of a few years ago. There are also new advances in medication, treatments, and even testing and diagnostic areas. For example, you can send off your pet’s DNA to find out their breed and even give at-home tests to determine if certain diseases are present.”