‘Big Brother 19’: Julie Chen Goes Off Script With Jeans And A Halter — What’s Up With Chenbot’s Casual Look?

Big Brother is known for many things — Zingbot, Otev, the Den of Temptation, and more — but the pride and joy of the CBS summertime reality show is longtime host Julie Chen. Julie, affectionately known as Chenbot to Big Brother loyalists, is known for her dramatic teasers and picture perfect delivery. But it’s her glamorous, perfectly accessorized style that also grabs attention.

Since Big Brother’s inception in 2000, Chen has worn pricey pantsuits and glamorous gowns for the live houseguest eviction nights. In stark contrast to the tired houseguests surviving on cold showers and slop all week, Chen never has a hair out of place. So imagine longtime fans’ surprise when Julie showed up for the most recent live episode wearing ripped jeans and a halter top.

Ahead of the live show, which featured the eviction of the fourth Big Brother houseguest of the season, Chen teased her casual look on social media. In one Instagram post, Julie revealed that it was a “ponytail” kind of night, and in another she showed off her shredded jeans, striped halter, and peace sign necklace, writing, “Loving these jeans tonight!”

The posts were loaded with comments from Big Brother fans praising Chen’s casual look and asking her where she bought her outfit. Some fans told Julie the outfit made her like a teenager, while others told her she should dress casually more often because Big Brother is a long game and she might as well get comfortable.

Loving these jeans tonight! ☺️ #BB19

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Here are some fan reactions to Julie Chen’s casual look on Big Brother.

Julie Chen’s Big Brother look has definitely evolved since the show debuted in the summer of 2000. While her 2017 jeans were a hit, in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Julie admitted she has made many fashion mistakes over the past 19 seasons of the show. For more than a decade, Chen has worked with stylist Carole Meltzer, who has an easy system for putting together Julie’s ensembles.

“It’s what I call ‘Adult Garanimals,” Chen revealed to ET. “She says, ‘Wear earring number one with dress number two and shoe number five.’ And I’m like, ‘Tada! Good evening, and welcome to Big Brother.'”

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One of Julie Chen’s most notorious Big Brother looks was her Season 11 finale outfit, a blue Max Mara dress she dubbed the “Maternity Slanket.” The outfit was blasted online after the 2009 episode aired.

“This dress has gotten so much bad press!” Chen admitted. “But I have grown to embrace it because I was 10 days away from delivering a baby. There’s a baby under that tent.”

Take a look at the video below to see some of Julie Chen’s Big Brother fashion mistakes, including the “Slanket.”

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