‘Y&R’ Spoilers: Jason Thompson Stays On As Billy Abbott, CBS Addresses The Rumors

Young and the Restless rumors stated that there was a possibility that Jason Thompson could exit the role of Billy Abbott and Billy Miller, who plays Jason Morgan on General Hospital, could step back into the role. CBS Soaps In Depth reported that is not true. Thomspon is here to stay, and Billy Miller will remain in his role on GH, too.

When Steve Burton, the ex-Dylan McAvoy on Y&R, and ex-Jason Morgan on GH, left, the soap fans went crazy speculating that Thompon would return to General Hospital and exit Young and the Restless. Thompson cleared up that rumor by saying that he loves playing Billy Abbott and will not leave the CBS soap opera to reprise Dr. Patrick Drake.

When the news of Steve Burton’s return to General Hospital broke, many fans thought that it meant that Jason Thompson would be leaving the Young and the Restless and Billy Miller would return. As it turns out, Billy Miller isn’t leaving GH after all and Burton may have an all-new role.

At this point, no one knows what role Burton will play when he finally returns to the ABC soap opera. Who knows, he could end up in an all-new role.

Jason Thompson, Kelly Monaco
Jason Thompson will not reprise the role of Dr. Patrick Drake on 'General Hospital.' [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

There is also the possibility that Burton could return to the role of Jason Morgan. If that happens, the Young and the Restless alum could play Jake Doe, which is the role he played for nearly two years.

The Young and the Restless fans are happy with Thompson’s portrayal of Billy Abbott. He has made the role his own and has made the love triangle with Phyllis (Gona Togonini) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) possible. It’s hard to see Billy Miller having as good of chemistry with Gina.

Jason Thompson, Y&R
Jason Thompson reveals that he loves portraying Billy Abbott on 'Young and the Restless.' [Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]

Angelica McDaniel, the head of CBS Daytime, tweeted that Jason isn’t going anywhere. She made a point to squash the rumor that Thompson was leaving Y&R. So, Young and the Restless fans can relax knowing that Jason Thompson isn’t going anywhere. Steve Burton and Billy Miller will both have a role on GH.

Young and the Restless fans, are you happy Jason Thompson isn’t leaving the CBS soap opera?

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