‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 SDCC Trailer Debuts, Teases ‘Rick Van Winkle’?

The Walking Dead Season 8 trailer premiered today at the San Diego Comic-Con at a whopping five-plus minutes, and it was chock full of interesting tidbits of things to come, according to AMC’s YouTube channel. There’s also an interesting tease that many fans had jested about in the past when speculating about the most cliché thing in storytelling. Actually, this will probably have fans buzzing until the Season 8 premiere — or even beyond.

The trailer opened with the infamous Negan (portrayed by Jefferey Dean Morgan) approaching Father Gabriel. This time, he altered his Season 6 ending colloquialism to that of defecation as opposed to urination. An all-too-familiar smile by JDM appeared from the shadows in a Cheshire Cat-like fashion.

In Season 7, Negan and the Saviors had been in cahoots with the “garbage people,” and now it appears Gabriel has been captured again, but this time by the Saviors. Do you think he’s being pinballed between the two allies?

During the Season 8 premiere on October 22, there will be an “All Out War” between the communities, and according to Rick Grimes, he acknowledges what Jesus said some time ago about the world getting bigger. That said, the Alexandria leader knows it’s time to take this world back from those who would oppress others who want to make it better.

The Walking Dead Season 8 SDCC trailer showed Carol being rather prominent throughout, and you can tell there’s strategic planning among the members of Hilltop, the Kingdom, and Alexandria against the Saviors. There were certain pieces in the trailer that would lead someone to believe what kind of planning is going on. For instance, it appears someone is attempting to enter a chemistry lab for some reason. Marks on a revolver possibly revealing some kills. Also, are the wall panels adhered to cars for bullet or walker protection?

The one thing that stands out at the end of the Walking Dead Season 8 trailer is a close up of a cane and in the room a gray-bearded Andrew Lincoln/Rick. Of course, fans probably exploded that it was all just a dream, but in 2014, Robert Kirkman expressively confirmed it is not.

Chances are the tease could be an attempt to poke fun at what fans have been talking about for such a long time. Of course, the living flowers were a nice touch, but if it all wasn’t just a dream, what does an “old Rick” mean in this trailer? Kirkman recently announced that he has an idea of how the series will end, so is this a tease to that?

TWD S8 SDCC Trailer
[Image by Gene Page/AMC]

You can only find out for certain when AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 8 debuts on October 22.

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