Colbert Donates Super Pac Money To Charity In Honor Of Ham Rove [Video]

Stephen Colbert has finally figured out what to do with his Super Pac money. The Comedy Central host recently donated $773,704.83 to Hurricane Sandy Relief, the Yellow Ribbon Fund and to two political transparency groups.

Well, it may or may not have come from Colbert’s Super Pac. In a letter to his fans, Colbert writes that the Ham Rove Memorial Foundation recently received a $773,704.83 from an anonymous donor.

Colbert writes:

“Last month, my friend Ham Rove passed away in a very unsuspicious fashion. On the same day, Colbert Super PAC’s money, $773,704.83, was squirreled away in a fashion that was extremely suspicious, but entirely legal. I thought that’s the last I’d hear from Ham Rove, particularly because a dog ate him. But Ham Rove had plans beyond his death, and I was recently surprised to find myself on the board of the Ham Rove Memorial Foundation. I was equally surprised to learn we received a $773,704.83 donation. Where did that very specific amount of money come from? There’s simply no way to know.”

Colbert said that the money, via the First and Final Annual Charitable Donations by the Ham Rove Memorial Fund, would be given to several charities working for Hurricane Sandy Relief. Donors Choose, Team Rubicon, and Habitat For Humanity will each receive $125,000 from Ham Rove.

Another $125,000 will be given to the Yellow Ribbon Fund to help wounded soldiers and their families.

Ham Rove will give the remaining money to the Center of Responsive Politics and the Campaign Legal Center which fight “against the corrupting influence of outside money in politics.

Here’s a video of Colbert’s announcement.

Colbert started his Super Pac in 2011 to shine a light on shady campaign finance practices. He briefly handed control of the Super Pac to Jon Stewart earlier this year when he decided to run for President. Colbert’s campaign was short and sweet but now the comedian is eyeing a senate seat in South Carolina.