‘Story Of A Girl’: Lifetime Movie, Teen Sex Tape Video Goes Viral

Story of a Girl is an original Lifetime film starring Kevin Bacon and Ryann Shane. Based on Sara Zarr’s novel Story of a Girl, the Lifetime movie touches on two uncomfortable themes: teen sex and sex videos. Scripted by Laurie Collyer and directed by Kyra Sedgwick, Story of a Girl borrows from real-life themes in an attempt to show the pain and the havoc one mistake can have on the rest of a person’s life.

On Lifetime: Story of a Girl

When 13-year-old Deanna and her boyfriend make a sex tape during one of their late-night romps, it goes viral. Deanna was aware that Tommy was filming them, but she was surprised when it was made public. The viral video brands Tommy as a “lucky guy,” but it brands Deanna as the high school slut.

Even more horrifying, Deanna’s father finds out about the video and almost loses his mind as he demands an explanation from Deanna.

The frenzy created at school causes a huge backlash for Deanna, one that will follow her for months and years to come. As gossip circulates and dead-eyed stares glare her way, Deanna realizes that one mistake has stolen her innocence forever.

Three years after the sex tape, salacious rumors and her bad reputation still follow her. All Deanna wants is to leave the past behind. However, small minds in the community won’t let her move beyond the teen error.


Everything comes full circle when Deanna applies for a job, and the manager recognizes her from the sex tape years earlier. Meanwhile, it seems the tape has done little to damage Tommy’s life or reputation, making Deanna hate him even more.

Soon, Deanna realizes some stories live forever and that the real way to get past the scandal is by forgiving Tommy, letting go of the hatred, and fully accepting and making peace with her notoriety.


Not a True Story

Story of a Girl is not billed as a movie based on a true story. However, it has one thing in common with a Baltimore story. In 2011, Baltimore news station was contacted by an angry father who said his daughter was recorded while having sex and that the video was plastered all over the internet.

The father, who wasn’t named in the article, said his daughter was bullied into participating in the sex tape video, which was then uploaded to several social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

The incident took place among students at Douglass High School. The 14-year-old girl’s father was furious and said he hopes the male teen receives punishment, he told WJZ.

“The one that videotaped it, I hope he’s incarcerated. I’m hoping he gets some serious time out of this.”

Lifetime Television’s Story of a Girl was filmed in Canada and is produced by Random Bench and Kikkosview. It premieres this Sunday, July 23 at 8 p.m.

[Featured Image by Bettina Strauss/Lifetime Television]