Simon Saran Insists Drama Between Amber Portwood And Matt Baier Was Faked For The Show

Simon Saran may be the resident Teen Mom franchise troll, but some of the things he says warrants a second look. While he has spilled the beans on a few things MTV would rather keep quiet, such as his salary for the Teen Mom OG Reunion Special and Farrah Abraham’s salary for the show, he has said a few things that might be a bit dicey.

Recently, Simon Saran stated that the Las Vegas wedding scene between Amber Portwood and her ex Matt Baier was fake and had been filmed several times. During this scene, the pair look at chapels for their friends who are getting married, and Matt tells Amber he wants to get married in one they have seen. Amber tells him she’s reluctant to do so without her family there, especially her daughter Leah and Matt pretty much goes ballistic.

For the rest of the episode, he says he’s never going to marry Amber and that she’s a total psycho. He later blamed his bad behavior on taking pills earlier and didn’t “mean” to act out.

Simon Saran claims the entire scene was fake, but this begs many questions on Simon’s part. Simon has notoriously been enemies with Amber Portwood and Matt Baier, so how would he know that the pair created fake drama?

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His scenes with Farrah Abraham could possibly be faked, but if he doesn’t even speak to the rest of the cast, it seems dicey that he would know that other people are also doing the same thing, especially those he doesn’t talk to.

As the Hollywood Gossip points out, Amber Portwood and Matt Baier would also have to be excellent actors in order to fool enough people into thinking they had been fighting, but it’s never been apparent that the pair are great at acting.

Simon Saran has decided to call it quits on the Teen Mom OG show, saying he and Farrah Abraham are totally over. He is no longer interested in making appearances on the show and states that he has moved on with a new girlfriend. MTV will air a Being Simon special before he takes his final bow.

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