Michelle Heaton: Ex-Liberty X Singer’s Crotch-Filled Cardio Drill On Instagram Splits Fans Over Racy Views

Michelle Heaton loves her super fit body, but the former Liberty X singer’s choice of a video camera angle to demonstrate an exercise routine on Instagram had some fans complaining about the close-up of her crotch.

Heaton is known for embracing fitness as a way of life and sharing her amped up daily regimen with fans. On Tuesday, like many times before, Michelle shared video clips of herself carrying out rigorous aerobics exercises, as Digital Spy wrote in the post.

On this particular day, she filmed herself doing a round of box jumps. The cardio activity is designed to get the “heart racing for the day” and build strength in your core.

Michelle, 37, chose tiny shorts and a low cut sports bra for the video. Her caption reads, “#workoutvideo nothing like early morning box jumps to get the heart racing for the day #fitness #FitnessMotivation #video #sweaty #cardio.”

When the clip begins, fans are given a close-up of cleavage as Michelle Heaton bends over to position the camera for recording. Without music or headphones, Michelle begins box jumping while the camera stays trained on her midsection the entire time. DS said Heaton’s “choice of angle and exercise meant little was left to the imagination.”

The Sun went as far as characterizing Michelle’s fitness routine as “X-rated.”

Fans were quick to chime in on the crotch close-up. Some expressed discomfort while others gave her virtual high-fives.

One person said, “Good for u u look fab but really any need for that kinda close up??”

Another reader quipped, “BLOODY HELL! Shel!! Bit early for #GymCamelTxx.”

A supporter advised Michelle to “keep doing what you are doing Michelle.” Still, another reader offered Heaton support by simply saying, “You go girl.”

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Michelle Heaton began her celebrity career in 2001 when she appeared on the U.K. talent docuseries, Pop Stars. The show chronicled the events surrounding the formation of a pop group.

Michelle was not part of the winning group, Hear’Say, but she teamed up with other finalists and formed the band, Liberty X. The mixed group went on to enjoy several top 10 hits and are known for singles such as, “Got To Have Your Love” and “Just A Little.” During their four-year ride, Liberty X scored two Brit Awards.

The group disbanded in 2007, but hit the stage again briefly for a reunion. Michelle has kept busy since the breakup: she appears with the group Atomic Kitten “as part of their international commitments”; she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother (2009), and she appeared in several episodes of Loose Women.

Ready for stage #manchesterspringpridebenefit #libertyX #friendsforever #selfie

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In 2012, Michelle Heaton discovered she had a mutated gene called BRCA2, which places her at a high risk — some 80 percent or so — for developing cancers of the reproductive system and breast at some point in her life. As a precaution, Michelle underwent a number of surgeries in a span of three years: a double mastectomy, a breast reconstruction, and a complete removal of her ovaries and uterus.

Michelle married a second time; she and Hugh Hanley exchanged vows in 2010. They are raising two children together.

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On the racy exercise Instagram clip, Michelle conceded that the angle may have been a bit too risky. However, she poked fun at the crotch close-up by posting a “see-no-evil monkey emoji” in the comments section.

Was Michelle Heaton’s box-jumping routine too close for comfort or was the response from readers too harsh?

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