Robert Griffin III Likely To Start Sunday As Redskins Enter Playoff Push

Robert Griffin III has been cleared to play Sunday for the Washington Redskins, leading the team as it makes an improbably run toward the playoffs.

Griffin suffered an injury to his lateral collateral ligament last week, but Washington Post reporter Tracee Hamilton believes it’s a done deal. She believes that the rookie quarterback will get clearance from team physicians and coaches but doesn’t agree with critics who think his mobile style of play means he is reckless.

Hamilton wrote:

“As the season progressed, the coaching staff adapted its play-calling to put him in fewer dangerous situations. And Griffin has responded to advice that he put himself in fewer dangerous situations. He still needs some convincing that those sidelines really are his friends. But from Game 1 of his amazing rookie season, he has gotten after officials for what he has felt were late hits or illegal hits to the head. This is not a guy with a death wish. He wants a long career, and he knows that’s going to require some effort on his part.”

If Robert Griffin III does start, the team’s final decision might not be made until the last minute. A source close to the team told ESPN that the team will not name its quarterback until Sunday. The game will be important, as the 7-6 Redskins are one game out of a playoff spot in the NFC.

Robert Griffin III has still been listed as limited in practice, ESPN noted. During the 20 minutes of practice open to reporters, Griffin stretched and made some basic throws but appeared to be still favoring his right leg somewhat.