Apple’s iPhone 9 Launch Set In 2018, Gets L-Shaped Battery Exclusively From LG For Faster Charging: Report

Apple’s iPhone 9 has been set for release in 2018 and will feature an L-shaped battery manufactured exclusively by LG Chem, a report recently claimed.

According to Korea Economic Daily, Apple is teaming up with fellow mobile device developer LG in giving birth to the next generation of iPhone.

Based on a rough translation courtesy of Apple Insider, the Korean-language site reported that LG will serve as the Cupertino company’s exclusive supplier of the unique L-shaped batteries that will power the new flagship phone from Apple.

Based on the report, the South Korean corporation invested “hundreds of billions” of won for the project that will cover expenses in top-of-the-line facilities that will allow production of the batteries early in 2018.

Citing “an official in the chemical industry,” Korea Economic Daily also revealed that Apple’s iPhone 9 is expected to be released sometime during the second half of 2018. During that time, LG is also expected to see an increase in sales solely from its battery business.

As for the iPhone 9, the report revealed that the L-shaped battery from LG will help Apple maximize the phone’s bottom right portion which is now considered a significant part of the device, thanks to the development of electronic component integration technology.

Apple's iPhone 9 May Be Getting L-Shaped Batteries From LG

It is also expected to provide faster charging for the device, Apple Insider reported.

Based on another article from the outlet, rumors of such battery design first emerged after KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo foretold the company’s plan to have a two-cell design for the iPhone 8.

However, it remains unclear whether or not Apple plans to integrate the L-shaped battery for iPhone 7’s successor, the much-awaited iPhone 8.

Whether or not the report of the L-shaped battery is true, Korea Economic Daily revealed that Apple already has a history of buying batteries from LG.

However, the relationship hasn’t always been exclusive as other companies such as Samsung SDI, China ATL, and Japan’s Murata Manufacturing Co. have already supplied batteries for the Cupertino-based company.

As for Apple’s iPhone 9, rumors indicate that Samsung will be manufacturing seven nanometer chips “solely for iPhone,” as reported by The Investor.

According to the outlet’s source, Samsung CEO Kwon Oh-hyun might have been able to convince Apple’s executives when he visited Apple’s headquarters in June to capitalize on “their close ties on OLED,” referring to Samsung’s role as the exclusive supplier of OLED for the iPhone 8.

The Investor went on to claim that Samsung already procured an “advanced chip manufacturing equipment” for the project.

Apple’s iPhone 9 is not the only one from the American company to get Samsung parts. In fact, Mashable recently revealed that the Korean company has been supplying different mobile parts for other companies including Apple on top of their quest to manufacture smartphones that could compete with the widely famous American brand.

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