Nintendo 64 Classic Edition: Trademark Hints Console Is In The Pipeline

Anu Mantri

Fans barely got their fill of the NES Classic Edition console, which was perpetually sold out, and the SNES is coming on September 29. However, it appears Nintendo is poised to cash in on the nostalgia once again. The Japan-based company could release the Nintendo 64, its next console in the "Classic" series in the near future if some trademark filings are to be believed.

According to a Nintendo trademark filing with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the company has the Nintendo 64 console in the works. Nintendo reportedly filed four graphical trademarks in Europe on July 18. Each of these trademarks on the EUIP website is basically a 2D representation of a controller or console from the company, which is depicted in black-and-white. While some of the drawings represent the NES and SNES controllers and controls, one of the filings is for a Nintendo 64 controller.

What Does The Nintendo 64 Trademark Reveal?

The sketch in question – discovered by a Neogaf user – shows what appears to be the controller for the impending Nintendo 64. The controller sports the notable three-pronged design, as well as the analog stick in the central.

The artwork on the Nintendo trademark is the same style the company deploys on the box for marketing its mini retro consoles from its Classic lineup.

N64 Classic Edition In The Works?

While the trademark filings hint that Nintendo possibly has the N64 Classic Edition in the pipeline, it does not guarantee that such a product will indeed see the light of day. Often, companies register patents and file for trademarks or rights to protect themselves. This is largely due to the volatile nature of IP rights. Trademark filings are often simply preemptive and it is not necessary that the company will manufacture the product it has filed a patent for or use the name it has secured.

Moreover, a N64 Classic edition is riddled with hurdles largely due to the complexity of its controller. While some may argue that the controllers for the SNES Classic and NES Classic support the Wii Classic and Controller Pro – thanks to a workaround – the same is possible for the Nintendo 64. However, that said, one of the four trademark filings is for the Nintendo Switch, which debuted earlier this year. Therefore, the possibility of a Classic Edition of the console making its way to the market before the next two decades is highly slim!

A representative from Nintendo America denied all claims and told Polygon "We have nothing to announce on this topic." Nevertheless, if the Nintendo 64 Classic Edition sees the light of day in the near future, one could potentially engage in classic titles such as Perfect Dark, Mario 64, and more.

[Featured Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]