Man In Mitt Romney Mask Robs Virginia Bank, Gets His 47% Back

Sterling, VA – A Wells Fargo was robbed by a man apparently wearing a Mitt Romney mask. The same bank was hit by “Hillary Clinton” two years ago.

NBC News reports that a man wearing a Mitt Romney mask and a Florida State sweatshirt entered the Sterling Wells Fargo Thursday, wielding a gun. Strangely, the man went teller-to-teller, clearing out all five drawers at the counter. Authorities went to the Party City behind the bank to see if anyone had purchased a Mitt Romney mask the day before.

In 2010, the branch was robbed by an individual wearing a Hillary Clinton mask. At that time, the building was a Wachovia branch, not a Wells Fargo, reports the Loudoun Times.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney mask sales spiked in 2012 heading into Halloween.

“Any time there’s an election year, we load up on them,” Renee O’Brien, manager of a Screamers Costumes, told The Detroit News. “You see a little bit of a spike in those during an election year,” she said.

“I would say people who are very passionate about politics typically buy a mask to support their candidates,” said Lisa Barr, the company’s senior director of marketing. “It’s really in the fun and the spirit of Halloween. It’s something we have fun with. The poll’s not based on anything scientific.”

Still, Barr’s analysis rang somewhat true. If people really do buy masks to support candidates they favor, it showed in the sales. Obama masks led with 63 percent versus Romney masks selling at 37 percent. I don’t need to tell you who won the 2012 election.