‘Sister Wives’ News: Aspyn Brown Has A Special Boy In Her Life

Fans love the Brown family of Sister Wives. Madison Brown and Mykelti Brown are the only ones married, but now it looks like Aspyn Brown might have a special guy in her life. She went to her Instagram and shared a picture that makes it look like she might have found a boyfriend. Aspyn looks really happy in this new photo.

This picture features Aspyn coming home from a big summer trip and she is really excited that a guy named Mitch picked her up at the airport.

“So great to be picked up by Mitch at the airport. What a wonderful surprise coming home to this Scottish hunk,” the caption read. All of the comments are people saying how cute they look together and how lucky Aspyn is to have him. She is also being welcomed back to America by the fans.

Aspyn Brown has been off traveling and sharing photos of all of the great places she visited. She was in Paris for a few days and also went to Donostia. This seems to be a pretty big trip that took up a large part of the summer. She posted pictures with several of her friends, but the guy wasn’t with her and it doesn’t look like any of her family was either.

The fans of Sister Wives can’t wait to hear if Aspyn Brown has found love and to learn more about the guy. If a new season of Sister Wives is coming, then she should reveal the details on the show. Normally, when one of the Brown kids is dating, their new significant other ends up being on the show from time to time. Fans have enjoyed seeing Logan Brown’s girlfriend. Mykelti’s husband, Tony, has been on the show, and there are even rumors that Maddie Brown Brush and her husband, Caleb, could even end up getting their own reality show.

Finals are over and summer has started so of course, we would celebrate by going to the Seven Magic Mountains.

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Do you think that Aspyn Brown has a boyfriend or is he just a good friend? Are you hopeful for another season of Sister Wives? Sound off in the comments section below. As of right now, TLC hasn’t confirmed if Sister Wives will be back or not, but the fans are hopeful it will return soon.

So great to be picked up by Mitch at the airport. What a wonderful surprise coming home to this Scottish hunk.

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