Frozen Pork Falls From The Sky Onto Florida House In Weird Mystery

Frozen Pork Rains Down On Florida House

Strange things have fallen from the sky in recent history, but frozen pork is not one of them, that is until now. Recently, a Florida family heard a thud on their roof and through some minor investigating, by taking a peek at what was on their roof, the family found they’ve been pelted with frozen pork.

Mother nature has offered up some strange showers in the past. There’s plenty of documented cases where it has rained fish, and it has also rained frogs. In these cases, there’s a perfectly good scientific explanation that comes along with living things falling from the sky. But what would cause packages of frozen pork to fall from the heavens?

In the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, a Fort Lauderdale family was showered with frozen pork pieces. The meat arrived with a big bang on the roof of a house owned by Travis Adair. At 4 a.m., the members of the Adair family, like most people at that time of the morning, were fast asleep in their beds in the Deerfield Beach section of town.

The family first thought they heard a couple of claps of thunder, and since it was so early in the morning, they left it at that. But when Jennie Adair went outside later that morning, she found some packages of frozen pork on the ground around the house, prompting her to look up.

Further investigating turned up a couple of more pork bundles on the roof of the house, leaving the family with a mystery that’s still unsolved today, but there are some theories. The family found two bundles on the ground around the house and three more on the roof, each weighing approximately 15 pounds, according to SF Gate News. The Adair family’s home sits near three airports, so Travis believes that the packages of pork fell from the sky via a plane.

The packages were just too heavy for someone to toss on the roof, said Travis. The only other rational situation is that they fell from a plane flying overhead. They were able to trace the packages back to a man who lives 170 miles away, but he isn’t missing any meat and he doesn’t own a plane.

He said he had purchased some pigs at an auction and had them slaughtered for the meat. He did give some of it away to friends, but the origin of the frozen meat raining down on the Adair’s house still remains a mystery today. No one seems to know just how that meat came from the heavens.

The event caught the eye of Jimmy Kimmel, who featured the frozen pork mystery on his Jimmy Kimmel Live show, which is seen in the tweet above. Some folks found the story of the frozen pork a welcome change from all the politics saturating the headlines today.

So how did it rain fish and frogs in the past? While this is rare, it has happened all over the world, including in the United States. The tweet above was from an event in California in May. These fish were tiny, but bigger fish have been documented raining down from the heavens. It starts with a water spout sucking up fish from a body of water. This could be the ocean, a lake, or pond.

According to AOL, in May tiny fish rained down on Oroville Elementary School in the town of Oroville, California. The water spout sucked up these fish from a pond and the fish actually traveled in the clouds for a while and then they came down like rain to the ground.

They can actually travel miles in the clouds. The same goes for frogs that have rained down from passing clouds. It is a bizarre sight, but it has a perfectly rational explanation based in science. They were sucked up in a water spout and carried away in the wind and the clouds.

In the case of the frozen pork, this is unlikely; what would frozen pork be doing in a body of water and these packages weighed about 15 pounds a piece, much too heavy to get sucked up into a water spout. So it wasn’t mother nature who rained down the cuts of pork. The frozen meat fell from the heavens and it remains a mystery of how they got up in the sky in the first place.

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