Brawl Erupts At Toronto Pizza Parlor [Video]

Brawl erupts at Toronto pizza restaurant

A brawl broke out at a Toronto pizza restaurant involving a group of women, with two separate uploads of the four-minute cell phone video registering about 600,000 hits so far on YouTube.

Probably to little or no surprise for those familiar with this sort of thing, the incident occurred about 2 a.m. on a Sunday earlier this month.

The encounter at an establishment called Pizza Pizza, a Toronto-based franchise that operates stores throughout Canada, but primarily within Ontario, has gone viral, and apparently got started because a customer thought her order was taking too long, cell phone videographer Paul Michael reportedly told The Toronto Star.

“They didn’t call her to tell her it was ready so in the middle of the Pizza Pizza, she started screaming how she wasn’t satisfied. She was making this big scene and then someone else said something and one person just started grabbing another. The big thing just started happening when she jumped over the counter and started throwing the chips on the floor. So everything just started going crazy. Everyone started pushing each other. I don’t know how those other people really got involved. I just sat there and filmed the whole event.”

In the footage, several men, who are apparently employees, try to act as peacemakers to calm down the situation and separate the combatants, including restraining a woman who picked up a chair as if to use it on someone.

Other patrons calmly sat at their tables and consumed their pizza or checked their phones amidst the chaos.

Michael indicated that the woman who was complaining wound up throwing the pizza on the floor.

Fortunately, it appears that no one was injured in the pushing and shoving.

Toronto police arrived on the scene and charged one person with public intoxication, but none of the people in the restaurant who participated in the fight were detained on criminal charges.

Authorities say about 10 people were involved in the scuffle, many of whom were intoxicated, that according to a police spokeswoman.

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While this altercation happened in Canada, the U.S. is no stranger to fights at fast food places. Adult beverages and/or late-night hours are often part of the mix. For example, an Iowa woman, described by a witness as “extremely hangry,” climbed over the counter and brawled with a female McDonald’s manager last month. Apparently the customer grew impatient while waiting for her McChicken sandwich. The fight was also recorded by a cell phone camera. The woman and her two companions were allegedly drunk at the time.

Watch the viral video of the brawl at the Pizza Pizza restaurant in Toronto.

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