Christie Brinkley Stuns As She Playfully Poses In Swimsuit At Age 63

Model Christie Brinkley is proving she still has what it takes to grace the cover of magazines in nothing but a swimsuit.

The 63-year-old recently posed for Social Life Magazine, as she playfully showcased her long legs and lithe figure. Brinkley shared several of the images to her Instagram account as she thanked the magazine for a “super fun shoot.”

Even journalist and author Katie Couric took notice of Christie’s stunning shoot as she commented “ok this is depressing” on one of the model’s Instagram posts. Couric ended the message with a heart emoji, which implies she means it in a good way, as Brinkley looks amazing.

Other commenters suggested Christie turn the magazine photos into posters in order to make more money on the shoot, and others said she’s “beautiful all around.”

One Instagram user said only Christie Brinkley can manage to look so good in her 60s, as they implied others rely on plastic surgery in order to keep their youthful appearance.

“Will never happen again. Impossible at age 63 naturally. Only @christiebrinkley. Omg!”

However, some skeptical followers stated Brinkley used photo editing to achieve the flawless images.

“Be honest. Lots of photoshopping.”

While some may believe Christie relies on photo enhancements, it’s also well-known that she has kept her model-good looks into her 60s.

Fox News reported on Brinkley’s latest photos, as the site quoted her discussing how she manages to keep a youthful appearance.

“She has a no-nonsense approach to fitness and skincare to maintain her youthful appearance.”

During the same 2015 interview, Fox quoted Christie as saying she likes to make her workouts fun and was currently enjoying Soul Cycle spin classes. She also mentioned being a vegetarian since age 13, which she attributes to helping her stay healthy and vibrant.

Fox News goes on to state the images were part of a promotion for a weekend gala hosted by Social Life Magazine in the Hamptons.

“Brinkley will be hosting the 6th Annual St. Barth Hamptons Gala presented by Social Life and St. Barth Tourism on July 22, benefiting the Bridgehampton Historical Museum.”

Photo from the Christie Brinkley cover spread July issue, in Hamptons Friday. @christiebrinkley @stbarthhamptons

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The magazine also posted some of the snapshots to its Instagram as Christie is once again seen being playful, as she poses for the camera. In one image, it appears Brinkley is topless, holding a palm frond in front of herself.

Commenters were once again captivated by the model’s appearance as they left compliments on the post. One Instagram user questioned how is it that Christie appears to be aging backward, and another stated they are inspired by the beauty.

“I am very frond of this beauty. She inspires me.”

Christie is also seen posing in a white swimsuit as she quotes some of her article for Social Life. She tells readers what is left on her bucket list, such as sailing around Greece and driving across America.

Some fans said meeting Christie Brinkley is on their bucket list, as the compliments flooded her post. It seems nobody has anything negative to say about the cover girl, as she continues to amaze fans decades into her career.

[Featured Image by Andrew Toth/Getty Images]