Chester Bennington’s Fans Share On Twitter How Linkin Park Helped Them Overcome Their Own Mental Demons

Another light in the music world has gone out with the passing of Chester Bennington, and fans of the Linkin Park frontman have taken to Twitter to share their own stories of how Bennington’s music offered them comfort and consolation in some of their darkest moments.

For many fans of the iconic band, Bennington’s angst-ridden vocals helped them weather their own bouts of depression and loneliness, and provided them with a sense of support in their battle against mental illness.

Of the numerous tributes that have come flooding in since the news broke of Bennington’s death, many have highlighted the crucial role Bennington played in helping them cope with their own inner demons.

As one user wrote on Twitter, “Linkin Park got me through a lot of hard times when I was younger. My thoughts are with his family, friends and fans. RIP Chester Bennington.”

And another tweeted, “I think what hurts me the most about Chester Bennington’s passing is just that Linkin Park did A LOT to help me cope w/ my mental illness.”

But these were only two tweets out of many which expressed this particular sentiment — one of gratitude toward Bennington for helping them overcome these personal challenges.

But as a number of users pointed out, despite Bennington’s ability to provide some consolation to his countless fans, the singer himself dealt with an ongoing depression, and one that appeared to culminate in what authorities are now investigating as a suspected suicide.

Bennington’s death at 41-years-old also came on the day his friend, Chris Cornell, would have turned 53. Cornell, who headed the band Soundgarden, took his own life earlier this year. Bennington was clearly devastated by the loss of his friend, sharing a heartfelt open letter on Variety expressing his grief, and later performing the song “Hallelujah” at Cornell’s funeral.

With Bennington’s death, the music world has been rocked once again. A long list of fellow musicians, along with many other celebrities, have expressed their sadness over the passing of the Linkin Park superstar.

Bennington’s musical legacy consists of seven highly-regarded albums with Linkin Park, including their most recent album, One More Light, which was released this year. Bennington was also involved in numerous side projects, such as fronting for the band Stone Temple Pilots, and forming his own band, Dead by Sunrise.

Chester Bennington and Linkin Park at the Best Buy Theater
Chester Bennington of Linkin Park performs in 2010 [Image by Cory Schwartz/Getty Images]

But his greatest contribution of all may have been the way his music provided solace for a generation of discontented youths.

As the overwhelming response on Twitter shows, Bennington’s music was a salve for so many people struggling with their own personal issues, and who discovered, in Linkin Park’s music, the strength and encouragement to keep on fighting.

Rest in Peace, Chester Bennington.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]