Mackenzie Ziegler Admits She’s Never Watched An Episode Of ‘Dance Moms’

Mackenzie Ziegler may have spent most of her young life on Dance Moms, but the young star recently admitted that she’s never even seen the show. The young star recently appeared on Access Hollywood where she was asked if she would be watching the new season of the show, which premieres on August 1, and she seemed rather wishy-washy about it.

She told the interviewers that she was interested in watching because she misses her friends who are still filming the show and she may watch an episode here and there. Many were shocked to hear that Mackenzie Ziegler has never watched an episode of the show, and some theorize it may be because the young star is too critical of her own dancing skills.

Mackenzie Ziegler spent most of her time on Dance Moms in the shadow of her older sister, Maddie Ziegler, who was their teacher’s favorite student. At one point, Mackenzie Ziegler was even asked to recreate Maddie’s iconic solo, “Cry,” with the same costume and everything. However, Mackenzie does admit that now that she’s gotten older, she sees that it was wrong for people to try to make her into her sister, and instead feels more like herself these days.

Mackenzie Ziegler is now a budding singer and will be going on tour later this summer while her older sister embarks on another tour with singer, Sia. The young dancer also has a new dance and activewear line coming out for young girls, which she has partnered with the brand Justice to create. She states in the Access Hollywood interview that most of her fans are also dancers themselves or gymnasts and came to know her through Dance Moms. Because of that, she has a built in market for children who would like to or need to purchase clothing to wear to dance or gymnastics classes.

As Mackenzie Ziegler gets ready for her tour with Johnny Orlando, she is still honing in on her craft by listening to other artists. She does admit, though, that her worst concert experience thus far was at a Justin Bieber concert, because she was too small to see over the crowd.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]