Kylie Jenner Goes Braless In Steamy New Instagram Posts, But Ex Tyga No Longer Interested In Her

Kylie Jenner may be giving her older sister, Kim Kardashian, a run for her money in her newest Instagram post. The 19-year-old lip kit mogul stunned in a white dress and somehow seemed to forget to wear a bra with the outfit, leaving very little to the imagination. The steamy photo was such a hit with Kylie Jenner fans that she got over a million likes in less than an hour for the photo. However, with 95.9 million followers it must be pretty easy to get the likes when you post a steamy photo.

While Kylie Jenner may have looked incredibly sexy in her new Instagram photo, her ex, Tyga, wasn’t tempted at all by the picture. Tyga recently opened up about his life with his ex, saying that the pair simply went separate ways and neither person “lost” the other.

He confided during an interview with Los Angeles’ Power 105.1 that he has love for Kylie, but he isn’t in love with her anymore. Tyga also stated that he wasn’t a huge fan of the way Kylie Jenner lived her life, having to post so often on social media to make money and keep her fans’ attention.

According to Tyga, when the relationship was good, it was good. However, when it was bad, it was “really bad.”

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Good thing the curvaceous star isn’t sitting at home mourning the loss of her relationship with Tyga. Instead, the star is focusing on her new love, Travis Scott. Although there have been rumors that the pair split due to Travis cheating on her with several different women, it seems the pair are still going strong despite anything the media may have made up about them.

According to Hollywood Life, Travis Scott has some serious plans for Kylie’s 20th birthday this August, and she’s going to absolutely love it. He’s got a break in his tour around the time of her birthday, August 10, so he’s planning on whisking his curvy beauty away to somewhere romantic.

Kylie Jenner recently had a wax figure of herself made at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood, California and has totally been digging the doppelgänger.

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