Driveway Reported Stolen By Florida Woman

Florida thieves made off with an unusual bounty this week: a stolen driveway.

The Orlando Sentinel writes that a Marion County woman returned to her home on Tuesday night to find her driveway missing. The woman reported feeling a “bump” as her vehicle entered the drive. Exiting her car, Rachel McCarty was shocked to discover that 300-square-feet of heavy, brick pavers were missing.

In fact, the majority of the 20-by-15-foot section of driveway was gone, with the pavers having been dug from the ground and removed.

According to News 13, the vandals brazenly committed the strange theft in broad daylight. The driveway was located just a few feet from a well-traveled road. McCarty later discovered that a neighbor who spotted the crooks during the theft failed to alert authorities.

“She just figured it was somebody who worked for us and was picking it up, because some of the blocks were kind of jagged, and didn’t really think much of it.”

The drive was located on the family’s horse farm, which was under construction before this incident. McCarty says she plans to repair the damage incurred. She has also taken precautions by installing new locks on the property’s gate.

Luckily, there has been a break in the case. reports that a suspect was arrested Thursday after being spotted removing additional materials from the site. Deputies Michael Robinson and Ed Graham responded to a call and arrived at the scene to find Anthony O. Jones with a load of the leftover pavers in the bed of his truck.

Following confirmation that Jones had not been given permission to remove the items, he was arrested and charged with grand theft.

McCarty seemed relieved. “I can’t believe they came back. I’m glad someone was caught.”

What is the most unusual item that you have had stolen? How do you feel about the Florida stolen driveway case?