Melania Trump’s Wax Figure: Is The First Lady’s Wax Figure Better Than Beyonce’s?

Just wait until you see First Lady Melania Trump’s new wax figure, which was revealed on Thursday, July 20. In the midst of the photos of various Beyonce wax figures going viral, as seen below, the wax figure of Melania being presented in the Wax Museum in Madrid, Spain, is sure to go viral as well. Lest President Donald Trump feel left out, there is also a wax figure of the U.S. president right next to Melania’s wax figure in Spain.

The full-on wax figure of Melania is shown in forward-facing view in a series of photos captured by photographer Marcos del Maz. The sideways photos of Melania’s wax figure show that the artist captured Melania’s high cheekbones and close-set eyes, as well as the deep lines around the mouth as the wax figure of the first lady smiles. Wearing a white top, the wax figure’s full body isn’t shown in the Getty Images photos of the figure as of this writing, so it’s unclear if the wax figure is wearing a white designer dress or slacks. It also isn’t clear yet if Melania’s wax figure has on a pair of sky-high red bottom Christian Louboutin stilettos. Another clue, however, leads to the notion that Melania’s wax figure is wearing her famous white dress from the 2016 RNC.

As seen in photos via the Wax Museum Madrid Twitter account @MuseoCeraMadrid, the museum promoted the fact that they would reveal Melania’s wax figure on Thursday, July 20.

“More than 450 figures await you in the heart of Madrid.”

The mysterious Melania wax figure was promoted via the Twitter account on July 18, when the museum showed a black silhouette of the first lady standing next to President Trump’s wax figure. While Mr. Trump’s wax figure showed his right thumb pointed up in the air, Melania’s wax figure appeared to don the white dress that Mrs. Trump wore during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, on July 18, 2016.

As seen in the below photos, Beyonce’s wax figures went viral once more on the Twitter account of Michelle Lee, who theorized that the makers of those wax figures had never actually seen Beyonce. The newest wax figure of Beyonce was criticized for not looking enough like Beyonce, but instead for looking more like Britney Spears.

Do you love Melania’s new wax figure, or should wax artists take another crack at creating Melania? Leave your comments about the new Melania wax figure below.

[Featured Image by Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx/AP Images]