'My Hero Academia' Season 2 Spoilers: Stain Arc Reveals Iida's Conviction & Deku's New One For All Technique

My Hero Academia Season 2 spoilers are in and it looks like the heroes in training at U.A. High School will be uncovering more of their Quirks' potential thanks to their strong conviction and passion that makes them even more powerful.

Manga Tokyo's review for Episode 28 of the popular anime series revealed that the Stain arc featuring the so-called "Hero Killer" is revealing some of the U.A. students' potential in real battles as the second episode for phase 2 of the season featured action-packed battles with an evil on a whole new level.

According to the review, fledgling heroes begin their on-the-job training under real heroes, which means they get to see more action in the field compared to when they were still under their homeroom adviser, Shota Aizawa a.k.a. Eraser Head.

In fact, All Might's fledgling Midoriya Izuku a.k.a. Deku, who is also the main character of the series, is making great progress with the Quirk he inherited from the Symbol of Peace, especially now that he is training under retired pro hero, Gran Torino.

Those who have been tuning in regularly to the anime would know that Gran Torino is also All Might's mentor after he served as part of the U.A. staff and the No. 1 hero's homeroom teacher. He is also a dear friend to All Might's predecessor, Nana Shimura.

'My Hero Academia' Season 2 Features Midoriya Izuku's Training Under Gran Torino
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In My Hero Academia Season 2, Deku has finally made some progress with One For All in the form of a new technique he dubbed as "One for All Full Cowl."

Of course, Deku is not the only one showing some great progress in the anime series as Tenya Iida becomes involved in a battle with Stain after the hero killer severely injured Tenya's brother, pro hero Tensei a.k.a. Turbo Hero Ingenium. Both Tenya and Tensei are blessed with the Quick called "Engine" that grants superhuman speed.

'My Hero Academia' Season 2 Iida Uses Engine Quick To Exact His Revenge On Stain
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But while Iida is making a good progress in his hero training, he is obviously no match for Stain who, according to Comic Vine, got his moniker for killing 17 pro heroes and crippling many others.

The second phase of My Hero Academia Season 2 left so many questions in fans' minds in its second episode, as they are left drooling for more.

Meanwhile, My Hero Academia Chief Animation Director Yoshihiko Umakoshi revealed some of the secrets to the show's success in an interview with IGN through a translator in this year's Anime Expo.

"Each episode director, since they've worked [on] so many episodes by now, they've gotten used to keeping up the pace and the quality and the work process," he said.

"I think that we've been able to keep the consistency in that way."
Umakoshi also declared that Todoroki's origin story was the most challenging for Bones animators.
"That was such a great arc. We wanted to make it as close to and not to underdo the original, so we tried to work very hard on that."
Moving forward, Umakoshi confessed to the outlet his hopes for the show's theme and its expansion.

"Deku along with his classmates, they've idolized All Might and they want to become superheroes. You see that the theme going through the whole season is 'what is hero,' and they're trying to find what it means to them," he said before sharing his thoughts about the new villain of the show.

"The new character Stain, that development. He's a very complicated character. The addition of Stain is going to create a huge change into the storyline."
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