‘Blue Bloods’ Season 8 Spoilers: Tom Selleck’s Frank Meets A New Adversary – When Will The CBS Drama Premiere?

Blue Bloods Season 8 is all set to release new episodes in a few months and it looks like there’s more trouble for the Reagan family following the events that took place on the Season 7 finale. Spoilers for the upcoming season of the CBS drama reveal that Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan will meet a new adversary that may have some dire consequences for him – how will Frank react to this?

Blue Bloods Season 8 spoilers are teasing on the addition of Lorraine Bracco for the role of former Public Advocate, Margaret Dutton, who will be serving as the new mayor. Per Entertainment Weekly, Margaret’s addition to the CBS series will make things more interesting, but it will make things challenging for Frank.

As most fans can recall, Mayor Poole announced his sudden resignation from his post during the Blue Bloods Season 7 finale. While both Mayor Poole and Frank had their fair share of disagreements and while they weren’t exactly fond of each other, it looks like Margaret will be one to push Frank to the limit.

Margaret, who has all the resources she needs as the new mayor, will reportedly be keen on doing whatever it takes to make New York City a better place. This means that she and Frank will clashing on a lot of ideas and plans on Blue Bloods Season 8.

In an earlier interview with Parade, actor Tom Selleck teased that there will be a “very good twist” for Frank on Blue Bloods Season 8. There have been several rumors that Frank may resign from his position, as several reports claimed that Selleck may be thinking of exiting the CBS drama after eight seasons.

“Frank will be changed by what happens, which I don’t want to give away, but there is a very good twist in it for Frank.”

However, fans and viewers can be reassured with Selleck’s statement that he is still having fun playing the role of Frank on Blue Bloods even though it has already run for eight years on TV. Selleck compared his role on the CBS drama to his famously played role on Magnum P.I.

Selleck admitted that his role on Blue Bloods shares a couple of similarities with the role that he played on Magnum P.I. in terms of the way they stay loyal to the things that matter the most. He said that both characters were “unconventional” and both shows paid a lot of attention to the stories played by its characters.

Blue Bloods Season 8 premieres on Sept. 29, 2017 on CBS.

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