July 20, 2017
Stephen King's 'IT' Director Reveals Shocking Secret About Kid Actors [Video]

Stephen King's IT is scheduled to hit theaters this September, but there is something about the exhaustive list of young cast members that may have many people shocked. As a little foreword to this report, it is no surprise to people these days that modern kids do not get out as much as kids did in 1989, thus they do not have the outdoor skills that many adults might have had at that age.

So what we know about the child actors in Stephen King's IT could be a bit of a shock to some, but not quite so unbelievable for others. At least that is how director Andres Muschietti viewed the whole situation when he was filming Stephen King's IT for the first part of a two-part film series based on the book of the same name, according to Variety.

The first thing that people need to realize is that when directing children on the set of a major film production like Stephen King's IT, there is going to be some challenges involved that will be quite hard to overcome. That is perhaps the first and foremost goal of Stephen King's IT, considering the first film will be all about the young boys and one girl that form an alliance known as the Losers Club.

But when Andres Muschietti revealed that he had to form a camp for the kids, it was shocking to learn that it was no ordinary camp, but rather a bicycle camp. That's right, he had to establish a camp for his child actors on Stephen King's IT so they could all learn how to ride bicycles.Now this might be a bit of a culture shock for many people in this day and age, especially adults who grew up and learned how to ride a bicycle before they could master tying their shoe strings. Also, most adults now days can relate to the culture of 1989 America in Stephen King's IT, which is when the first half of the movie (not the book) takes place.

Nevertheless, teaching pre-pubescent kids to ride bicycles just before they hit their teens seems like the times are much different than they used to be, especially in Stephen King's IT. But an argument might be made for the onslaught of digital technology, social media, and online gaming that has created this recreational deficit in kids these days.

Stephen King's IT premieres in American theaters on September 8, 2017.

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