Apple Magic Mouse Gets Spotted. But Is It “Mightier” Than Their Last Attempt?

The Magic Mouse is a sleek looking “Two Button” laser mouse developed by the folks at Apple. It’s a new design, but how does it compare to the mighty mouse?

As it stands the mouse features one button and no scroll wheel, instead relying on a multi-touch surface across the top of the mouse that gives users “Mac trackpad type functionality” by using gesture controls such as two finger swiping and single finger horizontal and vertical scrolling among other controls.

The Magic Mouse is also wireless and promises four months of battery life on a single charge. All this is then wrapped up in a nice $69 package, which seems like a reasonable price if the mouse lives up to its abilities.

The team at Slipperybrick does ask the right question though “Is it comfortable?” I don’t think it could be any worse than the Mighty Mouse, but that’s just my personal opinion.