Kevin Owens Throws Shade On AJ Styles In New Interview

Kevin Owens says that he doesn't enjoy working with WWE United States Champion AJ Styles. He also said that no one is better than him at trash talk, Sami Zayn is his dream opponent, and Finn Balor is his best friend.

Kevin Owens and AJ Styles will likely fight at WWE's Live SummerSlam Heatwave Tour in the Oceanfront Arena at the Wildwoods Convention Center in Wildwood, New Jersey on July 22.

Kevin Owens opened up about how he feels about AJ Styles in a new interview with the Press of Atlantic City. He reportedly "had a hard time smiling" when talking about his rival and made his feelings clear from the interviewer's first question.

"From me, obviously you can expect the best show around and for people to remember what I do on that show and make sure everybody remembers and to make the evening as memorable I can. All the SmackDown Live guys will be there; Sami Zayn, Baron Corbin, Shinsuke Nakamura and I guess A.J. Styles, if people are into that kind of stuff. But I'll be there too and that's all people need to know to understand this is a must-see show."
It seems like Kevin Owens considers himself a big crowd draw, but he and AJ Styles won't be the only wrestlers at WWE Live. Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Dolph Ziggler, and current SmackDown Live Women's Champion Naomi are also expected to be there.

Kevin Owens said that AJ Styles is a bad example for the youth.

"The current United States Champion is from Georgia and I think he's a terrible example for the youth of America. So, regardless of where I'm from, I will gladly take on that role."

Although Kevin Owens proclaims himself to be "Face of America," he is really a proud Canadian.

He complimented himself on his trash talking abilities and added that as a young wrestling fan, Live Events were his favorite.

Kevin Owens and AJ Styles.
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"It's always been a fun part of what I do, not everybody does it which sets me apart from the rest and the people who do it, as humbly as I can say; they don't do it as well as I do. It's a bit of my specialty and helps make my part of the show memorable. When I was a kid and went to shows, my favorites were Live Events. You really see a performer's personality on Live Events than on TV. I know sometimes people think RAW or SmackDown, or the pay per views are the shows to go to. Whenever WWE is in town it's a great time, but Live Events are special. If you've never been to one I highly recommend it."
Kevin Owens said that he'd rather never work with current Champion AJ Styles again, but that he must fight him to go after the title. AJ Styles became the WWE United States Champion two weeks ago at a Live Event in Madison Square Garden.
"Yeah, I don't enjoy it at all actually. I'd rather never having to work with him again. He has my title and I have to go after and it looks like we're nowhere near done. Unfortunately, I have to step in the ring with him several more times, it's part of what we do."
Kevin Owens also told the interviewer that his dream opponent is his other rival, Sami Zayn and talked about his good relationship with fellow wrestler Finn Balor. He said that he and Finn Balor met at WWE after both being hired on at the same time. He pointed out that what else they had in common.
"I feel like Sami Zayn, it would be such a great chapter to add to our story. We've been at each other's throats and by each other's sides simultaneously the last 15 years. It would be great to do something with him and also Finn Balor, who is my best friend. We got to the WWE the exact same time and didn't know each other before hand. We had a bit of contact here and there before because we knew we both would spend time there. We bonded over that. Once we got to Orlando we've became very close quickly and getting to main event with him would be incredible. It would be another incredible chapter to our story. We both kind of dove in to uncharted territories, him from Japan and me from other places. We both did well for ourselves, to get to achieve that was very special."

AJ Styles and Kevin Owens.

Finally, the interviewer asked what else Kevin Owens had to say about Sami Zayn. Although he complimented Sami Zayn's idealism, it would have been interesting to hear if Kevin Owens had anything nice to say about AJ Styles, after trashing him earlier in the interview.
"Hmmm … well … I will say this; he's really intent on changing the world for the better and I do respect that about him. Pretty soon he's going to be a big part in bringing help to those who need it, I respect that, but he gets in my way in the ring and I have to deal with him accordingly."
The match takes place on Saturday, July 22 at 7:30 pm.

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