Beyond The Love Of Pets: Miley Cyrus’s Secret Kisses With Gay Athlete Gus Kenworthy Revealed

Miley Cyrus was delighted with a video of ‘Malibu’ created by her fan. The 24-year-old singer posted a video clip on her Instagram and expressed her excitement towards the content. The animal lover as she is, Miley Cyrus has 12 pets at home including dogs, cats, and a pig, sweet to think about, but actually a challenge to keep.

Therefore, one of Miley Cyrus’s fans made a nice gesture by posting a special video for the artist. The video shares the artist’s love for animals. It contains pictures of animals along with appreciative gestures such as cards that read “I Love You Miley.” Apparently, the fan-made video caught Miley Cyrus’s eye and was immediately posted on the artist’s Instagram account. Here’s a look of the fan made video.

#Malibu animal / fan video! I looooove u all soooo much! ❤️????????????????

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A few years ago, nobody would tell us that Miley Cyrus could change so much, especially given how the famous Disney actress has had her phase of twerking and physical exposure. But now, she enjoys a rather quiet and perhaps a very happy stage of her life with her boyfriend Liam Helmsworth. However, her rise to fame as a marvelous singer and being able to captivate the hearts of millions is something undeniably true of the kind of artist she is. Few things were left to do for Miley and one of them might have included kissing a gay athlete.

Miley Cyrus may now be in a quiet and stable stage in her life, both in her love life as well as her life as an artist. However, about three years ago, the story was quite the opposite. The Disney star back then was an expert in raising public eyebrows and dropping jaws with her scandalous acts. Twerkings, marijuana, lesbian adventures and what not, Miley Cyrus tried everything she could get her hands on, even including kissing gay athletes.

This was recently revealed by Gus Kenworthy, a famous openly gay Olympic athlete. Miley Cyrus and Kenworthy‘s bond began when the athlete competed in the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014. It was here when Gus Kenworthy revealed which celebrity he had a crush on. “I did not know what to do so I said like, ‘Umm… Miley Cyrus,'” he recalled during a recently held interview.

It seems that since this moment, the two personalities have become friends and have shared some messages over Twitter too. Miley Cyrus even invited Gus Kenworthy to her Denver concert in March of the same year. “We never slept together. I had the opportunity, but we just kissed,” said the athlete.

“I had fun, but I also felt guilty later,” remarked Kenworthy further adding he was not sure whether “everyone feels guilty doing this or is it because I’m gay and I’m really hiding it? But I was able to enjoy it a little bit, and I also felt it was what I should be doing,” said the athlete.

Despite these episodes, both Miley Cyrus and Gus Kenworthy continue with their separate lives. Miley is very happy with Liam Helmsworth whereas Kenworthy is with the actor Matthew Wilkas.

[Featured image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]