Summers VonHesse: Military Wife With 'Flabby Belly' Unapologetically Takes Sexy Selfies,' Earns Thousands

Taking "sexy" selfies and earning a handsome return is often a privilege reserved for celebrities. However, one horse-loving stay-at-home military mom is banking thousands on Instagram by showing off her "flabby belly" to do her share in the household.

Summers VonHesse, 30, is a busy mother of two children who spends her waking hours taking care of her home and riding horses when she has some downtime. Although the Nevada resident doesn't punch a clock at a traditional job, she does earn income -- currently, about $5,000 per month -- by taking erotic photographs and posting them on e-commerce sites. She reaps the benefits of having a hefty Instagram fan base.

Summers spoke to Yahoo News about her novel stream of income from sexy selfies and the body confidence that accompanies taking unedited images of her "beautiful" body -- based on her personal experience.

"I've never had a 'real job' since I got married eight years ago. Being able to contribute in my house feels really nice."

The devoted wife and mom shared the story about her journey from casually posting sexy images of her body on Instagram to earning a steady cash flow on an outside portal. In November, she began posting pictures of her scantily clad body.

VonHesse's fan base exploded rather quickly; in short order, she amassed nearly 110,000 Instagram followers. Then, she hatched an idea to earn money from fans that express interest in seeing "more" of her at home. Soon, Summers began raking in thousands of dollars.

VonHesse registered on Patreon, a site that allows creators to post a wide array of content and receive subscription fees in exchange. Fans of Summers' site pay fees ($5 to $50) based on different tiers: from shots of her posing in lingerie to nude snaps. The higher levels allow access to NSFW content, as Yahoo News stated.

A post shared by summers (@socalsummers) on

A post shared by summers (@socalsummers) on

"I enjoy doing it. To be honest, I'm not doing it because we really need the money or anything like that, but it sure is nice that I am bringing in $5,000 a month."

Some readers wonder if Summers VonHesse is posting sexy Instagram selfies just to make a quick buck. To that, VonHesse said no; it's more than that. Rather, she is focused on building, maintaining, and expressing confidence. The Instagram model said the road to loving her body took a long time.

"I was always putting myself down, my husband kept telling me I was the most beautiful girl in the world, but I didn't believe him."

Two years ago, Summers decided to take control of her self-awareness. She began by studying others who took the leap of faith and shared their bodies in photos with the online world. Women at their most vulnerable moments appeared strong. Consequently, she soon followed suit. Summers learned the valuable lesson of loving the thing you look at in the mirror.

Summers' husband is one of her biggest supporters. Not only does he stand by his wife's decision to display her assets to online strangers, but he also takes many of the photographs. Together, they poke fun privately at fans' comments.

As an avid animal lover, VonHesse wants to use the money from her new venture to open a shelter for abandoned horses. As she explains on her site, the facility "is my dream to set up a horse rescue, first and foremost. This was little more than a crazy idea that would never happen a year ago, but with y'alls support it is going to become a reality."

Are you a fan of Summers VonHesse's Instagram selfies? Is posing nude (or provocatively) a necessary step toward body confidence?

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