Caitlyn Jenner Confronts Jimmy Kimmel, Continues Quest To Call Out Talk Show Hosts For Transition Jokes

Caitlyn Jenner seems to be on a mission to take down talk show hosts one awkward interview at a time. Caitlyn stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote her new tell-all, The Secrets of My Life, and she took the opportunity to tell the late night host exactly what she thought about his past jokes about her transition journey. Jenner revealed that she had a rough time dealing with the media over the past few years as she transitioned from Bruce to Caitlyn, and she told Kimmel he didn’t help matters by cracking jokes about her along the way.

“It had been hammered all over the media for the longest time,” Jenner told Kimmel. “In fact, guys like you, making some jokes.”

The late night host went into damage control mode, telling Jenner no one understood what was going as when Bruce Jenner’s looks began to change.

“Right, but we didn’t know what was happening!” Kimmel said. “We thought you were just vain. Sorry about that, by the way.”

Caitlyn accepted Jimmy’s apology but not before calling him out for only apologizing now that she was his talk show guest. Jenner also revealed that she gave Kimmel’s competitor, fellow late night host Jimmy Fallon, an even harder time.

“Well, he deserves it,” Kimmel said. “He said some really terrible things about you.”

Ahead of Caitlyn Jenner’s transition, Jimmy Fallon practically made a career out of bashing Bruce Jenner’s surgically altered face. According to Us Weekly, Jenner ultimately confronted the comedian about the plastic surgery jokes when he ran into him at the London Olympics in 2012, reportedly telling the funnyman to “stop saying sh*t about my face.”

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When Jenner appeared on Fallon’s late night show the following year, the two had an awkward exchange as Jenner likened Fallon to as “a deer in headlights” and called him “a wimp” before advising him to find better material for his show.

“I could tell you were a little nervous,” Jenner told Fallon of their Olympics interaction.

“I put my hand out like I’m going to shake hands, I grabbed your hand… and it kind of felt like maybe you work out at Curves. It was not a firm handshake.”

Caitlyn Jenner hasn’t reserved her wrath for late night hosts. During an appearance on the daytime chatfest, The Talk, Caitlyn called out one of the female co-hosts without saying her name. Jenner took issue with the unnamed host—later revealed to be Sharon Osbourne—for poking fun at her gender confirmation surgery.

“I know you’re all allies…and it was meant as a joke, but sometimes it can be a teaching moment also,” Jenner said.

“Just because you’re trans…it should be for the person to talk about it. If they want to share that information, let them share it…It’s not a joke, this is a very serious issue.”

Co-host Sheryl Underwood took one for the team, telling Jenner, “Can I tell you, because I was curious, and I’m gonna to ask you publicly on TV to forgive me if I hurt your feelings.” But the next day, The Talk co-host Sharon Osbourne revealed it had been her who had made the mean-spirited joke about Bruce Jenner’s genitals, asking what would happen to them after Caitlyn’s surgery. Osbourne publicly apologized to Jenner.

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