'OutDaughtered': Where The Large Busby Family Lives, How Danielle Busby Makes Money With Six Children At Home

OutDaughtered Season 3 premiered on TLC last week, and the large Busby family's hometown, along with how busy mom Danielle Busby manages to make money with six kids at home is finally revealed. In Touch Weekly shared both the Busby family home base and what Danielle Busby does for a living amid taking care of six kids and husband, Adam Busby. The beloved reality TV series about raising multiples has grown in popularity since it first debuted on TLC in May of 2016. With millions of U.S. viewers over the last two seasons, OutDaughtered fans have been left with a lot of questions about Adam and Danielle Busby, their set of 2-year-old all-girl quintuplets, and their 6-year-old daughter, Blayke.

TLC is known for broadcasting reality TV shows featuring large families, and OutDaughtered is no exception. Season 3 of OutDaughtered returned to TLC last Tuesday with the highest rated premiere episode "ever" among women viewers, according to Broadway World one week later. On June 11, at 9 p.m. ET, the busy and loving couple Adam and Danielle Busby returned to the small screen, much to the delight of faithful viewers, to tackle the quints as they hit the "terrible twos," according to TV Guide. Hundreds of thousands of fans follow the official OutDaughtered Facebook page, as well as the Facebook page for Adam and Danielle's blog called It's A Buzz World!.


The Season 3 premiere episode of OutDaughtered garnered nearly 1.5 million U.S. viewers, and fans have been asking questions about the Busby family and their six adorable daughters. In Touch Weekly has been tackling some of those questions, and on Tuesday shared that OutDaughtered fans have been wondering where the Busby couple take care of their quints and older daughter. According to the article, Adam and Danielle Busby -- happily married for just over 11 years -- raise their large family in Houston, Texas, after moving to the big city from Lake Charles, Louisiana, shortly after they were married in 2006.

Another question that OutDaughtered fans have apparently been asking is if Danielle Busby can make any money while she takes care of five toddlers at home and a school-age child. In Touch Weekly also shared on Tuesday before the second episode of OutDaughtered Season 3 that, while Danielle Busby is a busy full-time stay-at-home mom, the 33-year-old is also an independent beauty consultant -- a career that's completely different from her previous job in team management while working in the petrochemicals industry. Danielle Busby's personal Facebook page shows that she now works as a consultant for the American skin care product manufacturer Rodan and Fields and has been for at least couple of years before the quints were born, as shown in a Facebook post from March of 2015.


Of course, Adam Busby had to go back to work shortly after the quints were able to go home, after spending the first several weeks of their lives in a Texas hospital in the NICU. The 35-year-old account manager and full-time father wrote about the quints' stay in the NICU starting two weeks after their birth in a blog post titled "Time Standing Still," adding that he was "extremely excited to get my babies home." TLC captured the birth of the Busby quints in a short video clip, and OutDaughtered aired on the network just over a year after the quints were born. According to StyleBlueprint, a producer from TLC "came upon" the Busby's popular parenting blog that the couple now uses to "share their story" about raising quintuplets.

Fans of OutDaughtered can watch the Busby's "ups and downs" in Season 3 episodes on TLC that air every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET. The next episode of Season 3 that's due to air on July 25 will let viewers follow along as Adam and Danielle continue to "tackle discipline to get the "terrible twos" under control," as summarized by TV Guide.

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