Australian Hurdler Michelle Jenneke Dances Again In New Video

Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke became an overnight sensation earlier this year when a video surfaced online of her dancing before a race. Jenneke became an instant internet celebrity and even landed on’s annual Most Desirable Women list.

Well, Jenneke is back and she’s dancing up a storm in her new video.

The Australian hurdler dances on the beach, she dances playing video games, she dances while she makes breakfast and she even dances while she’s crying during the movie Up.

The new Jenneke video starts in the office of The Chive where a couple of guys sit around watching one of the world’s most desirable women dancing before her race. The guys drool over Jenneke’s dance moves as they talk about all the ways that she has magically made their lives better.

The guys say: “She’s so bouncy. My scoliosis is cured. I can see colors again. I can talk to animals. I think I just forgave my father.”

And then the fantasy starts.

Jenneke starts dancing on the boardwalk and soon she’s dancing in their living room. Then on their couch. Then making pancakes. Then brushing her teeth. The Australian hurdler dances through his fantasy until one of the guys from The Chive sits, Forever Alone, at his computer.

Here’s the new Michelle Jenneke dancing video from The Chive.

The Australian hurdler won a silver medal at the junior Olympics in 2010 but failed to qualify for the Olympic games this year. In her profile for’s Most Desirable Women list, the magazine writes:

“Dressed in the smallest two-piece tracksuit available, Jenneke bounced and danced, swaying her hips and swinging her hair like a total coquette. She eventually finished fifth, but who cares? She wins a gold medal for the sexiest warmup of all time.”

Are you a fan of Michelle Jenneke? You can see her original video here.