Rihanna: Chris Brown Reportedly Thinks Billionaire Boyfriend Hassan Jameel Is Using Her

Rihanna is having the time of her life with her new beau, Hassan Jameel, but from what sources have gathered, Chris Brown isn't too happy.

The R&B singer, who just recently learned about Rihanna's new man, is wondering whether her billionaire beau is an opportunist who is only using her — should that be the case, Chris would be absolutely livid.

Sources, via Hollywood Life, reveal that Brown is very overprotective when it comes to Rihanna and the men she dates. He doesn't want to see her hurt again.

Though they weren't able to reconcile, Chris and Rihanna have reportedly remained friends and talk from time to time.

Their friendship isn't as close as it used to be, but from what insiders have gathered, Chris still checks in with Rihanna to see how she's doing and what she's been up to.

Talking about her new boyfriend is something Brown certainly wouldn't do.

Sources say that the "Party" hitmaker doesn't know Hassan to judge him from a couple of photos he has seen online, but it would infuriate him if he was to find out that Jameel was using Rihanna for his greater advantage.

In recent weeks, it's been said that Rihanna can't stop gushing about her new man to her family and friends, whom she has allegedly told that settling down with Hassan is something she can see happening down the line.

Right now, Rihanna and Hassan are still getting to know one another, but things are moving well between the duo.

Chris Brown has nothing to worry about, but because of the fact that he's seen how previous men have treated the Caribbean star in the past, he's simply keeping an eye out because he wouldn't want Rihanna to be mistreated again.

Rihanna, who ended her relationship with Drake back in October, has reportedly been thinking about starting a family in the near future.

She allegedly called it quits with the "One Dance" hitmaker because he wasn't ready to commit himself to the relationship Rihanna had in mind.

Getting married and having children is one of the things that Rihanna wants to make a priority, and since Drake wasn't ready for that, she reportedly decided to let him go.

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